What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing? Funnel Strategies

Lead Generation is one of the core activities for both Physical & Digital marketing. To be more precise the goal of Marketing is to go generate leads for the business & then comes the sales for the conversion. Lead generation in 2022 should be a skill & not just a full-time job. In this article, We will cover everything related to Lead Generation in Digital Marketing, The Strategies for Lead generation & many more. By the end of this article, you will have all the knowledge of Lead Generation for your business.

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

The contact details of a Potential customer, Who can be your paying customer in the future can be called a “Lead” in Digital Marketing. The contact details such as E-Mail, Phone Number, First Name are some of the most important Data for Lead Generation. The more data you have, The better you can Nurture your Leads. The most prominent method of Converting Cold leads to warm to hot is through E-mail marketing & Sales calls. The advantage of Lead generation in digital is very high because the platforms available to generate leads in Digital Marketing are more. The more number of Ad placements, The more chances of generating leads. Before we move into platforms leveraged for Leas generation, Let us understand the types of leads & the funnel of Lead Generation in Digital Marketing.

What Are the Types of Leads & Attraction meathods in Digital Marketing?

The leads in Digital Marketing should be seen from a Funnel point of View. It is important to understand the Digital Marketing funnel before you begin the Lead generation process. The cold lead who has just entered into your Lead cycle will be at the top of the Funnel. The warm lead who knows about your Product/Service will be in the middle of the Funnel & the final stage, The lead will be ready to convert.

Nurturing the lead is one of the hardest parts for Digital Marketers. With this bringing the leads which are valid from the campaign is one the most important part of a Successful Performance marketing campaign. Going forward in this article we will discuss the right Strategies for the mentioned points. With this let us get into the Attraction methods of Generating Leads in Digital Marketing. Mainly there are two types of Lead Attraction methods in Digital Marketing,

Organic Lead Generation – This method of Generating Leads from Digital media involves generating Leads without using Paid Media. The methods such as SEO, Social media promotions & other aspects of generating leads which doesn’t involve paid campaigns are known as Organic lead generation. This method of lead generation has the potential in generating Valid ( Verified ) leads because people themselves are searching for your business, Product/Service. The intent is clear here & the targeting of the age & Demographics doesn’t matter in the organic generation of leads. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is one of the highest & valued skills for a Digital Marketer & it is also one of the most important organic lead generation strategies in Digital marketing.

Paid Media – Formally known as Lead Generation in Performance Marketing, It is one of the most popular & instant ways of generating leads for your business on Digital platforms. The paid campaigns bring instant results to your business to generate leads. This is because of the Targeting of Location, Demographics & many more. Above all, you are paying to the Ad platform to get leads. Paid media has instant results but the quality of the Leads is more like rolling the dice. Whereas in the organic lead generation the Potential customer themselves search for your business on Google & land on your Marketing list. They are already coming in the Warm stage.

This brings us to the types of leads Available in Lead Generation. – Every lead in Digital Marketing goes through a 3 stage segment & the Digital Marketer should take them in a Funnel. To know more about the funnel strategies Click Here.

Cold lead – These are the leads who have just entered into your E-mail list. People who have just known your Product/Service. They are at the Top of the Funnel. You need to start nurturing them by giving them value until they become your Potential customer. You can drive traffic to the Landing page through Paid Ads & SEO to generate leads.

Warm Leads – This is the second stage in the funnel. Here, People are familiar with your Product/Service in depth. This is the stage where the lead nurturing happens. The goal is to communicate well & understand their need. Let them know how your product will benefit them. How will you take them from their present state to the desired state.

This stage is crucial, Make use of E-mail marketing & give a personalized touch on the Drip Marketing Campaigns. Let them know that you care for them. Let them know you are the best at what you do. Building trust is the key metric in the Warm stage.

Hot Leads – This is the final stage in the lead generation process & also in the funnel stage. The potential customer is ready to convert, That is buy your Product/Service. The goal in this stage is to retain the customer, Start Upselling to them on your Upcoming product/services. Take valuable Feedback.

A LEAD THAT YOU HAVE TODAY WILL BE YOUR CUSTOMER FOREVER. Yes, You read that right. Nurturing the lead and keeping in touch with them is key for a good Lead Generation strategy. Now that we have covered most of the Lead Generation in Digital Marketing topics, Let us now further know the Art of Converting a Customer into potential Leads.

The Art of Converting the Leads in Digital Marketing.

Lead Generation in Digital Marketing will always depend on how good your product/service is to the market. With this, the next step is about the offer which you make for your customer. In simple terms, How easy are you making it for your customers to buy your Product/Service? The offer/Discount/Give-Aways which you make on the Landing Page for the customer to turn into a potential lead is called a “Lead Magnet”.

Lead Magnets are one of the core aspects of Lead Generation in Digital Marketing. When you trigger the Reciprocity formula for lead generation in Digital marketing, It has one of the high potentials to generate leads organically too. When you offer something for free to your Audience (E-Book, Notes, Guides ) They tend to give back something & this is already in human nature.

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