How To Do SEO For WordPress Website in 2022

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the Highest skills a Digital Marketer can have in 2022. SEO is at the heart of every website. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there on the Web. About 70% of the websites which is present on the web Have been built on WordPress platforms. The whole web design & development on WordPress mainly works on two aspects that are Drag & Drop. If you are new to web development & SEO platforms, This article will help you to build the Right SEO implementation strategy from Scratch.

Before we move into the implementation of Search engine optimization to the WordPress Websites, let’s first understand SEO from the Root & also the Search engine workflow.

What is SEO? Why should Websites have SEO Implementation?

Search Engine Optimization is a skill set to improve the visibility of the websites on the search engines. Without the proper implementation of SEO on websites, There is very little chance of your website ranking on Google. When we talk about search engines in this article, I will be always referred to Google. Google has the Monopoly when it comes to the Search engine. People don’t go to google to waste time, They would rather go to social media for Entertainment or for time pass. So, When people come to Google, They come with a problem-solving aspect.

The core goal of a website is to attract people. This is possible through Content marketing on a Website. Now, It’s time to understand the Workflow of a Search Engine before we get into the core understanding of Seo.

How Dose a Search Engine Work? ( Understanding Basics of SEO )

A collection of Web pages is called a website. All the pages here are built with Content. Content is the King in the whole Digital space. The search works by Crawling Millions of Web pages which is present on the websites. These web crawlers are commonly known as “Search Engine Bots” in Industry terms. When a user performs a search on Google, The search bots crawl through these millions of Web pages find the content which is relevant to the search query & rank the website which has more content related to that particular topic on the top of the search results.

By this time we all know the importance of having content on the websites. If SEO is at the heart of websites, Content is more like the blood. Only through content, you can perform SEO on a Website. Every website will have a Blog page if you would have observed. The blog page on the websites is dedicated to Articles where they showcase their product/service.

“Keywords” are another important part of both SEO & Search engines. The keyword is a particular word that highlights the entire topic of the subject in your Articles. These keywords Can be stuffed inside an article. For Eg, The keyword for this entire article is SEO. I am blogging about how to implement SEO for WordPress websites. So, that one particular keyword is the spark for the whole article.

Even the search engine bots, Crawl all the relevant websites by using Keywords stuffed inside the article. The more relevant keywords are found on the Article, The better the website can rank on Google. The longer the article is, the better keyword implementation can be done inside the article.

How To Implement SEO For WordPress Website?

Till now we have discussed the basics of SEO & understood the workflow of the Search engine. now, Let’s understand the Implementation of SEO for WordPress Websites. Before we actually begin implementation of the Search engine optimization for WordPress, It is highly recommended that you write around 5 article which has at least a minimum of one thousand characters.

You need to have a good amount of content on the website to implement Search engine optimization. Once you have around 5 articles that are good enough to read you can move ahead with the SEO implementation.

The first step is to install a plugin on your WordPress website. There is a lot of Good plugin for SEO implementation. I highly recommend you leverage Yoast SEO. It is one of the most popular Search Engine optimization plugins used on WordPress platforms.

The next step in your SEO implementation is to go to the Yoast plugin and generate a Sitemap from the Yoast. An XML SITEMAP helps the search engine by giving them directions in finding the right content on your website & also lets them know when was your content updated to the earliest. It is ways recommended that you keep updating your content that is articles on a regular basis. CLICK HERE to know more on Sitemap integration.

Once the SiteMap is generated the next step is to let the Search engine know that you have the right content on your website. This can be done by integrating your website with a Tool from google called “Google Search Console”. Google Search Console is one the most important tool for SEO implementation. This tool is the connecting link between the Search engines & your website.

Once you have connected your website with the search console, The next step is to connect the Sitemap in the Search console tool. On the Search console tool, Go to the Sitemap section which will be present on the left-hand side. Then Copy/paste the Sitemap code on the dialogue box present on the Window. If the process was correct, Then the Search console will deploy a message named “Success” After the connection is done.

Another most important part of SEO is the “URL Inspection”. Every web page on your website has to be indexed on Google search for it to appear on the google search engine report page. On the Google search console tool, Go to the URL Inspection & copy-paste all pages which is present on you’re website. Remember that you need to copy-paste the page URL. If the web page has not been crawled, Make sure you click on Request Indexing & also test the Live URL option. It will take some time for Google to index every page. Have patience!

UI & UX For WordPress SEO

User interface & User Experience is the most untalked yet more prominent part of a Good implementation of SEO for WordPress. The first part of UX is the Page load speed of your website. Always make sure your website has been hosted in one of the best Hosting plans available in the market. You can make use of tools Like Google Page speed insights or GTMetrix to check your page speed timing.

If your Landing page or the whole Website is taking a lot of time to load, There’s a lot of chance where people will leave during the Loading time. And if you’re running campaigns at this point you will end up losing money for each click or lead which you were supposed to get from the Platform. Give equal importance to your page load speed every single time you write content on your website.

Keep the Web design to a Minimal. Make sure all the images uploaded on the website have been shrunk in the size for the website to load faster. You can make use of a Plugin named called WP-Optimize which helps in the Lossless compression of Images. Also, make sure to reduce all unwanted Java scripts that you have added to you’re website. Here, “Java Scripts” refers to the Plugins which you have added to your site.

“Links” is also one the most prominent part of SEO. The search Engine also Crawls websites with Links being one the most prominent part of Website crawling. Internal links & Externals are also one the most prominent part of On-page SEO.

Importnace Of SEO For Small Business

Till now, We read about the implementation of SEO For WordPress Websites. Now let’s have a word on the Importance of SEO for small businesses. Every business today should definitely have a website & a Social media presence. A Website gives enough authority to the brand & also builds trust in the customer.

SEO helps the website to rank on Google with relevant content. As we spoke in the beginning, People don’t come to Google to waste time. They come to google for questions to be solved or for To buy a product/To know more about the Product/Service.

In this context, The business is meeting the customer halfway. They are searching for you & you are searching for them. The intent is correct & the demographics of the target audience don’t matter here. The lead which you get from the Organic search result from google are already in the warm state & valid too. When compared to paid media, Most of the leads which come from Campaigns & social media are not valid leads. Campaigns are for instant results and not valid leads but, SEO has the potential to get quality leads are for a good time period.

Make sure the content marketing which you are leveraging on your website is at least valid for the next 5 to 8 years. That’s the key for Content marketing on the websites. To know more about Content Marketing and the Power of Search Engine Optimization CLICK HERE.

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