The Top 7 Digital Marketing Pillars For 2022

The pillars of Digital marketing, commonly known as the branches of Digital Marketing, are the main segments involved in the digital marketing ecosystem. In this article will discuss all the main segments involved in the Digital marketing cycle. Suppose you are planning to be a Digital marketer or start a digital marketing agency. In that case, This article will help you to have a good understanding of the importance of each segment to have a good digital marketing ecosystem in your professional life.

The Digital marketing pillars are the foundation of an excellent digital marketing cycle. Each segment plays an important role to have the smooth functioning of digital marketing. You need good content to market your product on social media or Search engines. Without content, you cannot market anything. Without performance marketing, there are no instant results for your business. Without a website, you cannot have online sales. This is how the Digital marketing pillars play an important role. You can take this as a chain reaction.

Now let us list down the Digital Marketing pillars point-wise and then dig in deep under each segment and their importance.

The Top 7 Digital Marketing pillars for 2022

  1. Web Development
  2. Content Writing
  3. Social Media
  4. Performance Marketing
  5. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  6. Strategy
  7. Design

The above-mentioned are some of the most important Digital Marketing not just for this year but, Forever I would say. Though the field is ever-changing & evolving, The above list will be the foundation for a good time to go. There are more other segments like Programmatic ads, AI in Digital marketing & other sectors which are making noise. I will be covering these segments in a whole new article. For now, let’s dig in deep to understand the importance of each segment mentioned above for a smooth workflow of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem.

Website – Every small business needs a website today, Not just to showcase their product/Service but to have Authority on the web. If you ask me about the importance of a website for small businesses today, I would definitely say yes not just for product promotion but to have authority on the web and also for your branding. People don’t come to google to waste time or for entertainment, They come to google in search of something or to get their problem solved by seeking answers, Google is the first place your target audience will find both for your physical business & your website. Then comes social media where people want to see the atmosphere or the culture of your brand. This is how the cycle follows.

The two free tools Google Analytics & Search Console are a must for your Website. Analytics deals with the user behavior on your website whereas Google Search Console is the middlemen between your website and the Search Engine. Every page on your Website needs to be crawled by Google in order to rank on the Search engine report page. To read more on the importance of the Website Click Here.

Content Writing – The most important Digital Marketing Pillar. I think we all have heard Content is the king in Digital Marketing. Without Content, we cannot market anything. For every digital asset you plan to sell, You need content. Content that plays with the emotions of your Target Audience. The goal of a digital marketer is to show an Ad, As not an Ad. This can be done through the right content strategy.

Starting with the pain point of your target audience on the Headlines in the Ad Copy can be the first Content strategy. Let’s say your into selling Online Digital marketing courses. What will be your ad copy? You can probably say, Worried about investing in the best Digital marketing course? That worried about should be highlighted on the Ad creative. That’s how you start with a pain point of your target audience.

Secondly, Start with the USP you have in your business. Highlight each UPS you have on your Ad copy. Let them know how unique you are when compared to your competitors. Then show them the solution at the end. A Carousel Ad can have a good potential compared to a single image ad. You can highlight EMI options available on your Ad copies.

Performance Marketing – One of the highest valued skill sets for a Digital market, And also one of the strongest Digital marketing pillars. Performance-based ads are the ads that you see on your social media. These ads work on a metric known as PPC, Which stands for Pay Per Click. The advertiser only pays when an action is taken on the Ad. Another huge plus point here is you have the data for the Decision making for the future. Platforms like Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Snapchat & many other platforms have adapted Performance marketing as their business model. In fact, almost 95% of google’s revenue is driven by Search engine marketing. This applies to both the search & display models of Google.

Performance marketing mainly has 3 major objectives, Awareness, consideration & Conversion. To know more about these goals CLICK HERE.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. I presume this concept is familiar to all marketers. Optimizing your website according to the Search engine guidelines to rank your website organically on the search engine report page. This process is known as Search engine optimization. Google has a monopoly when it comes to the search engine.

The very first goal of your SEO is to optimize your website according to the guidelines of the Search engine ( Google Preferably ). There are two segments in SEO. On-Page & Off-Page SEO.

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