Ultimate Guide For Lead Generation In Digital Marketing 2021

Lead Generation is one of the most prominent principal in Digital Marketing. The sole reason for running Ads in digital marketing is to generate revenue for the business. The only way to generate revenue for the business is to get more Leads. Leads are the heart of the business. Onboarding them, Nurturing them & finally converting them to buy your product is the final goal. If you are wondering how to generate leads with the help of Digital Marketing, You have landed in the right place.

In this article, We will have a view of all the Lead generation hacks, Strategy & many more in the Digital Media Platforms. But before we dive in deep on the strategy part, Let us first understand the basics of lead generation.

What is Lead Generation In Digital Marketing?

The Process of extracting the Contact information of potential customers through the Digital Media platforms, who can be your paying customer in the future. This is the basic definition of Lead Generation in digital marketing. The contact details such as Email, First Name, Phone Number can be helpful for your business in reaching out to your potential customer. The more details you can have from the potential customer, The better you can nurture them. That brings us to the types of leads

Types Of Leads in Digital Marketing

Cold Lead – When the Lead has Just On-boarded.

Warm Lead – When the Lead is familiar with your Product/Service.

Hot Lead – The final stage, Where the Lead is ready to Convert ( Buy your Product/Service).

All these 3 stages are very Crucial. It is very important to make sure that more than converting your lead, Build the boding with them ( In the beginning stage). This can be done through Email marketing. Once you have built the trust and the lead is Satisfied with your Product/Service, You start upselling them your upcoming products. If you are interested in knowing more about the Lead Generation in Deep Click here.

How To Generate Leads In Digital Marketing?

As we all know DigitalMarketing is an ocean. There are various techniques & platforms for Lead Generation in Digital Marketing. In this article, I will list some of the most popular Lead Generation platforms in Digital Marketing.

The Top Platforms To Generate Leads In Digital Marketing

Paid Media – In other words, Paid Campaign is one the most popular Lead generation platforms in Digital Marketing. Paid Campaigns such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Quora Ads, Twitter Ads, Snapchat Ads are some of the most popular platforms to generate leads. Among these platforms, Facebook Ads is one the best Platforms to generate B2C leads. If our into the lead generation for B2B, I would highly recommend Linkedin Ads.

The paid campaign which has the Goal of Lead Generation will help you in Extracting the data of people who are interested in your product. Almost all the platform mentioned above has the Lead Generation Goal In the Paid campaigns platforms. Paid campaigns will also help you in generating leads in a very quick time.

The drawback of Lead Generation in paid campaigns is not all the leads that you get from paid ads will be valid. This will also depend on what product you selling. If your product has good demand & enough market need, The lead data will be good. Sometimes the potential data such as Email or phone number may not be valid, But if your running the campaign for a Long time the chances of getting good leads is high. The longer the duration of the campaign, The better it understands your target customer & finally better results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – This platform is the most popular and the hardest platform for Lead generation. Search engine lead generation needs a lot of effort. The potential of quality lead here compared to Paid campaigns is very high. This is because when people search on search engines, They seek an answer to their queries. Unlike the Paid campaign, there is actual intent from the consumer perspective. The quality of the lead is high as they are only searching for your product whereas on paid media you find the leads for your business.

Search engine Lead generation takes time and effort. You should be very consistent & monitoring your Website UI & Content. To collect the leads who land on your website you can have an option form where people can fill in their details. If you have installed the Tracking codes like Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager, The code will automatically collect the user data. These data can be added to your Audience list on the campaigns & made used for Re-Targeting in Paid Campaigns.

Landing Page – One of the most leveraged platforms/Page for Lead Generation in Digital Marketing. Landing pages can be leveraged in both Paid campaigns & SEO for lead generation. In simple words, A Landing page is a page where people come & land after clicking on Ads or Links. Most of the Paid campaigns & Websites make use of Landing pages for leads.

The landing page typically contains the information regarding what you are offering. Start with a bold eye-catchy Heading about your Product/Service. In the next section, you can give a brief about what you are offering. Have images, Videos & Testimonials of the customers and build more trust in the Onboarding leads on the Landing page. It is very important that your Landing page is not taking much time to load. Use the best LP builder to generate good Leads.

How To Convert Website Visitors Into Leads In Digital Marketing?

Converting your Website visitors into your prospective customers is one of the smart strategies & also the hardest part of Lead Generation. The more content you have on your website the more visitors you can have. Have unique content that has a problem-solving approach to your customers.

The best of converting your website visitors into leads is, All the leads which you get from the search engine are valid. They are already searching for your product/service. This segment of lead generation takes time as you need to have a lot of content that is SEO Optimized. Now let us come to the part of Converting your web visitors into Leads.

Have an Optin form where people can fill in their details. Don’t make the form more like a Subscription form. Have a good content page where you are creating value for the reader or the visitor. At the end of the page, you can attach the form where they can fill in their details only if they are satisfied with your Content. Optin form will help you in generating the leads where you can add those data automatically to your email list.

Another way of converting visitors into leads is to Install the Digital Campaign Tracking Codes into your Website. These trackers like Facebook Pixel & Google Tag Manager are the most popular JavaScript codes which can be deployed into any Website. These trackers collect the data of people who have visited your website. Unlike the opt-in form, You cannot see the Name, Phone number & other details of the customers here. These mechanisms work in the Backend & can be used to Re-Target people who have visited your website through Paid media campaigns. If you want to know more about these trackers Click Here.

Social Media Lead Generation Strategy

Honestly said, Your social media followers are not your Leads. Social media followers cannot be leads for your business. You can drive the traffic from social media to a Landing page for Lead Generation. Most of the profiles on social media are not valid. Some can be bots & many fake profiles. There can be automated profiles also to give more engagement to random posts. These are the flaws of Social media Lead generation.

The only goal of Lead generation from Social media is to drive traffic and make people land on your Landing page or Website where they fill in the form to be your Potential Customers. The consistent engagement of followers on your business’s social media pages helps you to get more brand awareness & trust. This in return can help you in gaining leads for a long time goal.

These are the popular platforms where you can generate Leads In Digital Marketing. Hope the above-mentioned points were helpful for the Readers. If you have any other strategies in mind please drop a comment below & i will consider it in the article.

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