How To Generate Facebook Leads In 2022

Facebook is the most popular platform for Lead generation In Digital Marketing. Most of the Leads which are generated through Facebook are mainly focused on B2C. Facebook has the most information about its users. The Facebook advertisers can target based on the 3 main segments, Interest, Demographics, Locations & Many more. Facebook has the most Ad placements than any other Advertising provider.

If you are advertising on Facebook, You even have the option to advertise on Instagram too. Going forward in the coming days there are rumors about WhatsApp getting Ads in the Stories section. The Ads impression rate on Facebook Ads is more compared to any other platforms as Facebook has the monopoly of the Social platforms. The more impression you get the better the results in your campaigns.

If you’re a small business owner & have a product that has a target customer base on B2C, Facebook Leads can be the best results for you’re business. If you are wondering what are the techniques leveraged to generate Facebook leads you have come to the right platform. In this article, We will discuss all the right strategies & Techniques for Lead generation in Facebook Marketing.

How To Generate Facebook leads ?

To Generate Facebook leads you need to have a Facebook page. All the lead generation techniques which I will be talking about in this article will be mainly from the Facebook Advertising perspective. Facebook Ads is the most popular advertising platform in the whole Digital Marketing world. It is very simple & has an easy workflow.

Once you’re done with your Facebook Page link the page with your Instagram Account. You need to have an Instagram business account to start running ads on Instagram. Make sure you have posted some of the creatives in the beginning before you run ads. It is recommended that you post 3 times per week. Once the users click on your ads there are a lot of chances they might come to your Account to see your creatives.

If you have enough creatives it gains trust in the user perspective & also they can make out that the brand’s presence in social media is Active. Very important that you do not ignore organic posting on your social media. Once you are done with all the Social media profile optimizations you are good to go with Facebook Ads for your business.

How To Run Lead Ads On Facebook?

If you are getting started for the first time in the Facebook Ads section. You need to go to Facebook.com/Adsmanager. You will be taken to the Backend of the Facebook Ads homepage. Your Ad account will be automatically created & you can start running ads immediately.

In order to get Leads on Facebook, you need to choose the Campaign goal which has Lead Generation. This will help you gain Leads data Such as their Phone number, Email, First Name & many more. To start getting leads you need to create the Lead Generation Campaign. If you are a beginner in Facebook Ads & if it’s getting a little hard to start with the Campaign CLICK HERE to get the full insights on Facebook Ads Workflow.

There are three main steps to getting the Leads from the Facebook Ads platform.

  1. Build an Instant Form Where poeple can subbmit thier data with Pre Filled question.
  2. Let People meesge your business to become leads.
  3. Take people to a Landing page where they fil in their details to become leads.

Based on the above-mentioned points, You can select the best which works for you. Once the campaign starts running, Facebook will deduct a certain amount for every lead which you get from the campaign. Make sure your budget standards are very high. Run the campaign for a long duration for the best results. The more duration your camping run, The better it understands your target audience & other factors.

Facebook Lead Ads which has an instant form will drive the best result from my personal work experience. The instant form helps you in giving clear insights to your customer & why exactly you are collecting their data. You can build the form in various formats. You can greet them with a welcome text when they click on the Instant form. Ask questions related to the product to know their need better & nurture them better.

Compared to other lead generation formats, I would highly recommend the Instant form as it is less time-consuming from the Lead’s perspective side. The less time-consuming the better number of leads you can attract from the Digital Media Platforms. Make sure you have Good Ad Copy’s which can make more eyeballs role. Ad copy is one of the most important parts of the Facebook Ads Campaign.

When you are into Digital Marketing platforms, It is very important to understand Human behavior. This matters a lot if you’re looking to generate good ROI. Always think from the user’s perspective when marketing in the Digital Media Platforms. The better the user experience you give to the user on your platforms & products, The better the user gives back to you.

Facebook Leads

How To Download Leads From Facebook Ads Campaigns?

Once your campaign has been running for a good time. You can see the number of leads coming and falling on your Facebook Ads Dashboard. To download the Data you have to go to the Ad section on your Facebook Campaign dashboard. Click on the Download On Facebook Leads Option. These leads Data will be download in a CSV format. You can open these data on Excel & forward the Data to your Sales team.

Reaching out to your Lead on the day they have signed in is very important. Do not delay in reaching out to the Leads. Sometimes you may have got click where people would have done it purposely. To convert the Leads reaching out to them then & there itself is one of the best Strategies for Leads Generation in Digital Marketing.

Sometimes manually downloading these Leads from the Facebook Ads can be a Headache. You can automate these Leads to a direct Destination. It can be a Google Sheet or an Automated Email for the people who have signed in. This Automation can be done with the help of Tools. Zapier is one of the best Tools for Facebook Lead Ads Automation. If you want to know more about the Zapier Tool Click here.

Landing Page Lead Generation Strategy is also one of the most popular Lead Gen platforms. In this section, the user has to click on the Ad link & then land on the Landing page where he manually fills in his details. These type of Lead Generation Campaigns takes a lot of Budget. But if you are considering going forward with the Landing page technique, I highly recommend you to go ahead with a conversion campaign instead of a Lead Generation goal.

Conversion Campaign on Facebook Ads helps track all the metrics starting from the Ad click till the customer reaches the Thank you page. Conversion campaign is mainly leveraged for Ecommerce performance Ads. But then, If you are considering it for lead gen also it is a good recommendation. The ad cost will be a little high in conversion campaigns compared to the Lead Gen. The advantage of a Conversion campaign over a Lead generation is you get more Data.

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