How Martin Garrix Elevated The Big Room EDM Sounds

Martijn Garristen know for the stage name “Martin Garrix” is a Netherlands Born Dj/Producer. He is known for his Big room & High Bass Tracks & one of the youngest Successful Dj in every corner of the globe. His Achievements stand for his age more than his Tracks. He was crowned as the Worlds’ No1 Dj by DjMag when he was just 17 years old. For every Dj/ Producer it only takes one track to break the record. But, Building that one huge track takes a lot of effort.

Martin Garrix Released Animals in 2013 which made huge tremors all across the EDM industry. The drop became so popular it is still heard in most corners of the World. The track gave him the big boost for his name to be heard by all the Top EDM Producers at that time. Popular Dj’s lIKE “Tiesto” “Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike” “Kaskade” “David Guetta” “Hardwell” & many more players his tracks in their Live Set which made his fame became popular within no time.

Martin Garrix’s “Animals” Crossed more than 1 Billion views on Youtube from Spinnin Records within no time. Huge Remix’s for the same track by many artists blew up the Charts. Followed by his Next Releases With Artist Like “Julian Jordon” & “Jay Hardway” made huge hits because of the big Room EDM Bass & tunes which made the Festival crowd’s go Nuts.

The Rise Of Martin Garrix “Animals”

Almost all of the early tracks from “Martin Garrix” had Huge Synth Sounds & Big bass purely focused on Big Room Sounds. The Festival crowd went nuts for these sounds and hence most of the EDM producers started adapting to the Big room Sounds.

Big EDM Sounds typically have big synth sounds with a huge Reverb effect making the sounds very thick and hard-hitting to gain momentum in the crowds. When these sounds are combined with Big bass or Big Room “Kick” will bring high festivals sounds that can move crowds back and forth. These sounds became popular with the release of Martin Garrix’s “Animal’s” tracks.

Martin Garrix Animals” song set the standard for the Electronic dance music Industry. More people became aware of these tracks because of the sounds in the track. The drop of Animals became the most heard drop in the EDM Scene. The drop featured High Reverb sounds which varied from the Top to the Bottom of the piano Roll. These sounds were again combined with the big Big Room kick to give the best Big room drop.

The tunes of his tracks were again so melodious, The whole festival crowds kept on the tunes for him. The animal’s track received a huge remix from all the top Artists at that time. Artists like Tiesto, Hardwell, Alesso, brought the Animals tracks to their live concert stages and saw a huge crowd reaction.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix’s “Animals” is the only track to set a record of more than 1 Billion views in just 2 years of time. He was the icon for all the Upcoming Bedroom producers. He set the live concerts to a huge Boom with his huge Fan base within no time. He was interviewed in all the Live concerts he performed. He became the Face of Amsterdam Dance Music as one of the youngest DJs in the world to set huge Records.

Julian Jordon, Jay Hardway & many other artists collabs with Garrix made it a huge success. Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway set records for the Big room EDM tracks with the release of the Tracks like “Wizards”, “Error 404” and many more. With the success in each track they released in return it helped both the Artist in building their Portfolio. All the huge track releases and live concerts brought Martin Garrix to perform in the Live Radio shows in the early years itself.

Martin Garrix Live With Kiss FM UK 2013

The Live Radio shows from big Channels gave him the early boost and also made name for his production Genre. Most of his performances were played only on the tracks which he produced on his own. This made him gain recognition in the industry and also respect for his age. Playing their own tracks in the whole live set needs a lot of dedication and practice & Martin was able to adapt to this at a very young age.

Martin Garrix live Sets

Coming to live sets of martin, he has literally killed don every live stage he has performed. In this article, I will be only putting forward the past historic events of martin and not on his present success. His live sets gave the big room genre boost and Big Room became the most popular Genre for almost all the EDM Festivals.

One of the most popular live sets of Martin Garrix which i want to tap into is the Ultra Miami. From being a visitor to this festival the young martin began to Perform to Ultra from the year 2014. His 2014 Ultra Miami concert made him the Mark as one of the most popular live sets ever witnessed for a Dj who was Aged just 18 when he performed in front of more than 100k Ravers.

Martin Garrix Live At Ultra Miami 2014

This festival gave Martin to play with the big Bangers of EDM ” Dimitrivegas & Likemke” “Steve Aoki” ” Nicky Romero” and many other artists. The Collab of Martin Garrix with Dimitrivegas & Likemike named “Tremor” was the Anthem of the Festivals. As the name itself says “Tremor”, The tracks made Tremors all across the Globe. Another huge Anthem for the Big room scene.

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