Top Future Rave Tracks By David Guetta

French Dj/Producer David Guetta needs no introduction. Known for his iconic contribution to the Electronic music industry, David Guetta is Reinventing the Edm sounds in 2021. Starting from some of his massive tracks like “Memories”, “Titanium” & many more, David Guetta is known for his High electronic sounds with Big bass on his tracks.

With the Electroninc Dance Music Sounds constantly evolving, The Big room genre in EDM has elevated to the next level. Most of the Edm artists are now dropping big rooms sounds in their releases as the festivals are back in action. The progressive genre with Big Room room makes a perfect EDM track. But, with the Release of Future Rave by David Guetta & Morten, The sounds of EDM are about change forever.

David Guetta Releases Future Rave With Morten

Future Rave is a new Genre in Electronic Dance Music. David Guetta Released the Future rave with Danish Dj/Producer “Morten”. The genre includes sounds from which are mixed from 3 main genres in the EDM. “Techno, Progressive House & Big Room”, When these three genres are mixed together, The outcome of the sounds are Next level & that’s Future Rave for you. Fat Bassline & Punchy drums bring in more momentum for the track.

David Guetta’s “Titanium” is the song of the Century. No matter how many years pass by, The track has our hearts. With the Release of the future rave, David Guetta & Morten gave us the latest sounds in the new Titanium track. I think you would have guessed it by now, the Future Rave version of Titanium.

Titanium track was already known for high synth sounds & big bass when it was released by David in 2011. With the Release of the future rave version, It is more massive now. The new drop in the future rave version is now more Cathy & has big orchestral sounds which are combined with big EDM kicks making it a proper Future Rave track.

David Guetta feat Sia – Titanium ( Future Rave Remix by David Guetta & Morten )

It’s been said great tracks deserve a massive remix by the Legends & I would definitely say this is a perfect blend of a remix by the legend for the track of the century.

This remix hit an all-time record on all the streaming platforms & most of the DJs played the massive remix in their live concert. With the future rave genre going in high demand by the DJs & producers, David Guetta gave us a sneak peek of the production of the Titanium remix in the future rave version. The video was released on the Dj Mag youtube channel where the Artist himself showed us how he created the future rave sounds from the Abelton Production tool.

Usually, When people talked about “Rave”, The big room genre was referred but the release of Future rave is a mix of all 3 Genres. The genre is now taking all the festival stages to next level.

Techno music is one of the most played genres in the Edm industry. The future rave gives a taste of both Techno & fat big room tunes to make it a perfect future rave sounds. The sounds in the Future rave have been very interesting, The synth sound is produced with a lot of orchestral effects, or in other words, we can say the Sounds have a lot of Reverb added in them.

We are witnessing a lot of Future rave tracks from David Guetta & Morten in the coming days & a lot of IDs are being played in all the live music festivals by these two artists & for sure they sound supermassive! Listen to them below.

David Guetta & Morten “Alive Again”

David Guetta & Morten “Kill Me Slow”

David Guetta & Morten ” Dreams ”

David Guetta & Morten ” Make It To Heaven ”

David Guetta & Morten ” Impossible ”

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