Facebook Metaverse Explained|Next Of Hybrid Social Network

The next generation of Facebook is now Called the Metaverse. They say the connection is Evolving & so are we. Facebook CEO “Mark Zukerberg” has been imagining a world of Virtual Reality for a long time. A few days ago he came with a brief introduction to the Metaverse on his Facebook profile feed. He wrote a brief introduction on how the Metaverse will change the way we see the internet in the coming days & the impact it will make on Connecting people together. In this article, I will be covering everything related to the Future of Facebook the “Metaverse”.

What Is Facebook Metaverse?

The word “META” in Greek means After or Beyond. The Metaverse is the next evolution in the social network & also for the Internet Era. This internet is mainly focused on Virtual Reality where you can be present in a different world yet sitting in your Home. Till today we were able to connect with people by leveraging social networks Like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat & many more Apps. All these platforms can be seen or accessed only through your Mobile or laptop screens.

The Metaverse will give you the Access (Feel) to dive deep inside the Screen, giving you the feel of being present inside a virtual reality world. This platform can be only accessed with a Virtual Reality Headset. For example, if you’re playing a game using your laptop, With the help of metaverse you can go inside the game of shooting & be physically present in front of friends & teammates with the help of the Virtual Reality Headsets.

With Metaverse we will be able to place Digital Objects into the Physical world. This will make a huge impact on the E-commerce & product marketing industry. With the help of virtual reality in the Metaverse, we will have 3D Digital Objects which can respond realistically. People can place the objects in a place to see if it fits in the given gap. Facebook is developing a new platform called Horizon Market place, A platform mainly focused on Ecommerce.

Facebook has been developing necessary tools & kits for people to access these platforms said Mark during the Keynote. There is mainly 3 section under development for the Metaverse from Facebook. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Smart Glasses. While The VR Product from Facebook named Oculus is already available in the market.

Another exciting part of the Metaverse is that the overall project is not just by Facebook. Mark said the Project will be a collective initiative that goes beyond the efforts of a single company. It will be created by people all over the world & open to everyone. The vision for the Metaverse is bigger than we can imagine. The future of Hybrid social networks will allow people to connect with all around the globe which will feel like being present in front of them.

Facebook Metaverse

The Small Business Benefits From The Facebook Metaverse

The ability to witness people physically with the help of Metaverse, The small business has huge scope to scale their business in the Metaverse world. Most of the small businesses on Facebook made huge profits with the help of Facebook Ads to reach the right target audience for their Product/Service. The Metaverse will help the small business in showing their product to the audience physically with the Help of AR & VR, Where the customer will be able to see the product visually in a Digital Presence. This will make a better impact on the Buying decision for the consumer.

All the latest merch & products can be tried on with the help of VR in the Metaverse. This is more like creating your own Avatar and purchasing the latest trends like Merch, Sneakers, Sunglasses & many more. On the Horizon Marketplace, you can purchase all the merch for your Avatar.

With the help of Virtual platforms which are under development by Facebook, Small businesses can leverage these virtual tools to help customers view the product in a virtual way where people can literally feel the product & respond realistically and get a better insight into the product for a better customer experience. Most of the Big Tech giants like Apple are already leveraging VR to help people view the product from their comfort. You can view the latest iPhone or Airpods with the VR platform on the Apple website.

Metaverse For Gaming

Facebook gaming is already a huge platform for emerging gamers. With the Facebook Gaming live feature, Gamers can stream live gaming channels & start earning through the Facebook Gaming network. The Facebook Metaverse for gaming will become more impactful as gamers can play games with the help of Virtual Reality. Gaming on Metaverse will change the way we play games on our Phones & PC.

Imagine playing games when you’re inside the game & rather than just playing the game on the Screen. You can feel & Touch. It’s more like playing old Games like Chess in new ways. For example, if you want to play a Chess game with your friend, You don’t really need a physical chessboard. Virtual Reality Will take care of that for you.

Facebook Metaverse Gaming

Mark also added the most famous game from the Rockstar Games is coming to the Metaverse. The GTA San Andreas will be coming to the Platform & gamers can play the GTA San Andreas in VR. Now that is MASSIVE!!

Facebook Horizon

To Access & Experience the Virtual Platforms on the Metaverse, You need a certain platform & Facebook is also under development for different platforms for the Virtual network called the Facebook Horizons. Through Facebook Horizons, you will access different platforms such as Gaming, Marketplace, Office ( WorkRooms), & many more. Facebook Horizons Rooms can be built & Accessed by the developers & it will help you in bringing your vision to Reality.

Facebook Launched the Horizon workrooms space recently. This platform mainly focused on Connecting your office colleagues together. You can build your own Workspace horizon rooms based on your mood & meetings necessities. You will be able to showcase yourself with an Avatar

The Horizon WorkRooms is still under construction & you can access it for the Beta version. To know more about the Facebook Horizon Rooms Click Here.

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