Step By Step Guide To Download iOS16 BETA Profile

iOS16 is the next mobile operating system from apple. Yes, It is the most awaited OS Release as it brings tons of exciting changes to your iPhones. This article will guide you to download the ios16 Beta profile & also bring some more interesting insights into the operating system.

ios16 is not released to the public officially from Apple. But the Developer Beta & the public Beta was released by Apple a few days back. If you are excited to test out the Beta profile, Apple recommends you try it out on a secondary Device. Also, you need to back up your phone to iCloud. I will also highlight some of the Key features of ios16 at the end of this article.

With this, we also know that the public is eagerly waiting to know the actual release date of the ios16. When will ios16 release to the public? With the past ios releases there no actual date because apple call it “Rollout” rather than a release date for their operating system releases. But with all the leaks and rumors we can confidently say

iOS16 Will be released to the public after the September 7th event from Apple.

Once the next version of the iPhone is released, The OS will be followed to drop on all the devices. Now let’s get to the procedure of downloading the ios16 beta profiles to your iPhones.

ios 16 Public Beta Profile Download Guide.

To download the Public beta profile to your device you need to first Enroll your device into the beta program. You also have to signup for the Public beta program from apple.

First, go to this link where you can enroll your Device https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram or Click Here.

The next step is to enroll your device by a Signup procedure for the ios 16 Beta program. Also, remember you need to have an eligible device that can run ios16. To know about the devices that support OS Click here
Once your signup procedure is done, You will land on the preview page of the beta program. Make sure you select iOS16 on the drop-down selection.

Select the second option which says install profile. Download the Profile on your device. Make sure you allow all the options which ask for permissions.

ios16 beta profile installation

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, Go to your iPhone settings.

Go to the general & Software update option. There you will see the Download option of the Beta profile. Download the profile with Wifi. You will require around 6GB of space on your iPhone.

After the download is done, You can manually install the ios16 on your phone. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the power while the update procedure is done.

With the beta update, you have to manually keep updating your iPhone to all the latest betas. You will have to carry out this procedure until the official release of the ios16.

Notable Feature of iOS16

I think we all are excited to try out the new Lock screen feature. To be really frank that is the only highlighted feature of ios16. From a user perspective, there is not much change in the UI.

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