The primary goal of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is to Rank your Website on the Search Engine page, That is SERP. SEO is a Long term goal for any brands. SEO is like planting a tree, If you want to get fruits from a the tree you need to wait for a minimum of 2 to 3 years. And its not just planting a tree, You need to feed water & provide Sunlight to the tree for it to give fruits. Like wise you need to keep on feeding content for you website with proper SEO optimization. The more content you have the more easy for the search engine to Crawl your website. If you want the fruit, You should plant the tree today. Before we get into the understanding of SEO, let us have a look at why do we need search Traffic?

Why Do Brand Need Search Engine Traffic ?

Organic SEO traffic is free & it is of High Quality. When people are searching for a certain term on the search engine & when they visit your website they know what they want very clearly. They are seeking you out directly. The traffic quality is high. When brands or Agency’s take SEO seriously, When compared with Paid advertising the CPA will be less when it comes to SEO. This is because the the leads are directly coming in contact of the business through Search Engine.

The traffic from search engine is inbound & hence the quality of the Intent is High. In-Bound traffic Refers to when people are looking for us, Out bound traffic means when agency’s are looking for people. Here, The people refers to the Potential customers.

Google Organic search listings gets 100X more click when compared to Paid Ad’s. When you run paid ad’s it will be shown on the top of the search engine but, When people want to consume high quality content which has a long term goal, They are very likely to click on the Organic search results. This is because Paid ads have a very short term goal and the ads keep changing based on the business needs. Search engine is a Demand fulfillment engine & not a Demand Generation engine.

How Dose Search Engine Work ?

The primary purpose of a Search engine is to deliver Quality & Relevant Search results. Relevancy is the most important aspect in Search engine. Google is the most used search engine in the world because of its Relevancy.

How dose Search Engine make money? SEO traffic

Relevancy includes Location, Sub-Category, Pricing range & more depending on the Niche & the search query.

Second is the Quality of the Results. The result list have to be useful for the user to make decisions ( Which is to take action).

The On page SEO is all about relevancy. The search engine needs to understand what is your website all about. Thats’s why the right Title, Description & Keywords in the content of the website is important. Goole Search Console is a tool which helps the users or the Web masters in understanding the performance of the website on the search engine. Google search console is the communication between the Webmaster & the Google search engine.

Off Page SEO is all about the Quality. If you have more Backlink your website is considered to be important & it will help in ranking better. The Goal of link building is to Automatically happen with your quality Content. This will happen when the quality of the website is high. Here, The quality refers to the content. Though Google algorithm has a lot of factors in ranking the Website, Backlink plays a Huge role.

How Dose Search Engine Make Money?

Search the results for free. Here, Results are the content. The results that are shown are of Business & Business do not have control over organic listings. The whole process of leveraging SEO is to have some control over it.

If a Business want to be discovered & is ready to pay a Premium,They can advertise on the search Ads feature of the search engine. This is done through Google Ads. Ad’s is the biggest asset where most of the Revenue comes for Google. In 2019 84% of the revenue came from ads for google, That is $134 Billion out of $160 Billion. Creating a Niche search engine can be a profitable business. The more relevant search queries, The better the niche search engine can offer. For example Practo is a Doctor Aggregator. It is the Search engine for Doctor’s Database. Zomato has the biggest Database oFf RESTAURANTS in India. Even Amazon has Sponsored listings. Youtube is the Second Largest Search Engine in the World after Google.

The Importance Of Content Marketing For SEO

If you can understand what people want and create content for them, The SEO will take care of itself. This can be done through making a Survey and understand what people want. You can make use of Google Trends to see what’s currently trending in your Region Etc.

On- page SEO is just about a Good user Experience. In Today’s age Search Engine has become smarter with the latest Advancement in the AI. Compared to the old SEO techniques used back then, Search engines can now crawl your content Automatically based on the search queries. End of the day if you delivery Good users experience you have good On page SEO. Off – Page SEO is about good Distribution which is a part of Digital marketing. If you are Good in Content Creation & Distribution, There are high chances of you gaining backlinks Automatically.


Title Tag – The title of the website that also appears on the Browser Tab.

Meta Description – The description of the site / Article that also appears on the SERP page.

Header Tags- H1, H2 Tags that are wrapped around headings like Blog posts, Titles & Sub titles.

Alt Tags- on Images can help search engine Understand what the images is about. highly recommend to keep this point in mind and should be implemented in each Blog of the website.

Optimized Website for Good page load speed. You can use GT METRIX or Google page speed checker to see if your site has good speed and good user experience.

Keywords in The Content/ Blog – Write keeping users in mind but also make sure that search engines know what the content is all about.


Backlinks are the NO1 Off page SEO optimization Technique.

Google’s Algorithm has been built on top of backlinks. The more links you have, The better the chances high for specific Keywords.

Search engines also track the Social media engagement on a page once it is Published. The higher the engagement the better the chances of getting better ranking. Content is the Key here.

Brand mention on Website can help with SEO. A higher percentage of Brand name searches can also help in SEO.

According to the Re-Search google has around 200 factors which determine how a Website ranks. And nobody know all the 200 factors & Google has kept it as a Secrete. But am sure all the above mentioned points come under them.

Keyword Re-Search in SEO

A lot of people think keywords are only used fo SEO. Keywords also determine the words which your Customers use. It is important for niche Selection, Positioning, Content marketing, Landing page & Ad copies. Keyword Re-search is the key ingredient which makes the SEO work. You rank your website for what people are searching on the search engine. the on demand keywords has to stuffed in your Blog & articles for better results. CLICK HERE to read more on how content Marketing can be put into best practice.

You don’t need to create Content only for SEO traffic. You can use the Same for E-mail Marketing, Lead Nurturing & to create Brand presence.


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