Apple is elevating their music streaming game With the release of iOS15, Apple announced Spatial Audio & Lossless Audio for Apple music. The latest update is already available for the subscribers with no additional cost. Spatial audio brings a total new Era for Online music streaming for both the Artist & the Fans. It is the next stage in the Evolution of recorded music from Mono to Stereo & Beyond.

We have heard about stereo sounds for the past 2 to 3 decades. Spatial audio is totally a new generation for music. As the word itself says SPATIAL it is all about the immersive experience for the listeners with sound moving around you. There is sound from the top, behind, Left & Right. CLICK HERE to know more about how dose sound travel & functions of sound. We have come across Spatial audio experience only in Cinema’s. Experiencing the same by just a click on your iPhone is a magical experience. Though being the fact that Atmos sounds are heard best in Home theater channels where the sounds are separated from the Amplifier, Bringing this feature for a Mobile music streaming platform is quite an Advances features.

This new generation of sound will emotionally take the Artist & the listeners to new experience. It is more like your connecting to your Favourite song in different way or with deeper way. The feeling of spatial Audio is very different, It more like the sounds are revolving around you. For the artist this is a new game changer to level up their upcoming Albums in Spatial Audio & for the Music producer they have an exciting journey ahead to see the next generation in music production for Spatial Audio.

Apple Music Spatial Audio is more like having a Cinema experience in your phone. Music in modern time is all about innovation. With Stereo to mix tapes, Recorders to iPods. There are many technology invented in the Music industry. Music producers & Engineers can adapt this Amazing tool to give their audience a new 3D effect for millions of people. Even upcoming Artist can adapt to the new tool to see what can they bring with spatial audio with their new songs. It takes investment and time for people who want to Adapt to it.

Young music producer’s can Adapt to the new spatial audio tools to see whats next for the Platform. It is going to be an exciting journey for all the Audiophiles. Upcoming artists can launch their music with Spatial audio.Going forward Artist may not even prefer to launch their music in the Stereo segment. This is the next big thing for Listeners, Producer & Artists.

Apple is Always known for Innovation. With Spotify being the Pioneer in the Music streaming industry, Apple has brought the scene of whats next for the Music. Apple music production software Logic pro is getting Advanced tools to help Music producer to start producing with Spatial Audio. whether they are in studio, Home or where ever.

Apple music spatial Audio

All the above feature can be experienced through Airpods, Beats headphones. The spatial audio can be experienced best with Airpods Max. Here, we can notice Apple is leveling up their product Eco-System game with the latest Advancement.

Lossless Audio is another advancement for Apple music. With over 75 million sings in Apple music library, Almost all the songs are Available in Lossless Audio. Lossless audio preserves every bit of original file of the Audio. With this being said the listeners will be able to hear the exact same thing which Artist & Producers created in the Studio. According to Producer Piper Payne- “The soul and life of the mix is sitting in the extra bits of data that are stored in the lossless file. As a mastering engineer, having the ability to convey the music to the listener at its highest quality is the end goal of what I work for every day.”

Apple music is bring Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos to Android devices too. With a unique user experience & Dedicated Playlist through Apple music app, Apple decided to make the Service Available for Android users with huge increase in the Subscription rate. The feature will be available soon for android devices. With so much of Tech Advancement everyday, am really excited to see what’s next Apple has to offer their users in the near future.

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