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Types of Facebook Ads in 2021 | Ad Copy for Facebook ads

Facebook has a total of 2.4 Billion users on its Platforms globally. That is more than 20% of the Worlds population. According to Statista, Facebook has 290 million registered users in India alone. And India is facebook’s largest user base. Followed by the USA at 190 Million. Indonesia has 140 million Facebook users followed by Brazil has 130 Million.

80% of internet users use Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is also a property of Facebook. The biggest advantage of Advertising on Facebook is that Facebook has the most information about its users. Hence it is the best platform for targeted advertising in the world. Facebook ads are also the cheapest form of advertising. Facebook will also help in building the Audience for your business and help you in retargeting the same. If you ask me about why Facebook is marketing. My only answer is Re-targeting. Facebook ads have one of the best Re-targeting models compared to any other advertising platform. If i have to compare Facebook ads with google ads, Google ads help new customers find you, Facebook ads help in finding new customers. If i have to be more clear in that, Google is a search engine platform. People are already searching for what they want on google so, Customers are already looking for you. Google ads are Inbound ads, It aligns with SEO, Facebook ads are Outbound Advertising, It aligns with social media.

Understanding Facebook Audiences in Facebook Ads

As discussed above, Facebook ads are all about the Targeted audience. With the right audience comes the right Ad copy. If you get your targeted audience right, your ads will perform well, Even if your Ads copy is not great. Because the right people are seeing it. The greatest Ad copy in the world will definitely fail if it will be shown to the wrong targeted audience. Majorly there are three types of Audience in Facebook ads,

Saved Audience

Custom Audience

Lookalike Audience

Saved Audience – Saved Audience is the most Basic type of Audience in Facebook. When you are getting started with the new campaign from a new account, you have to go with saved Audience.

When you create your first Facebook campaign you will create an Audience based on Demographics. ( Age group, Gender & Location) & based on Psychographics ( Interest,Desire). This type of audience has limited scope because targeting is not very accurate.

Custom Audience – These are the Audience who are related to your Business. The type of Audience who has interacted with your Website, App, etc.

Lookalike Audience. – This is a Developed type of Audience. You can develop an audience that looks like your Custom Audience. This is the most powerful type of audience.

To create all the above-mentioned Audiences, Go to the Facebook Ads Manager- Click on the All Tools Bar – And Click On Audiences.

Facebook ads Audiences 
Types of Audiences

Understanding Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard

When you land into the Facebook ads manager dashboard, Am pretty sure it will look a little alien to you. But it is one of the most Simple UI Advertising platform. There are majorly 3 section in the facebook ads manager. They are Campaign – Ad Sets – Ads. These are the main 3 section where you will be most interacting when your running the Ad Campaign-

Campaign Level – In this level, It where you decide the goal of the Campaign. Coming to the goals it is Divided into 3. Awareness-Consideration-Conversion. Each goal has different objective under them. Based on your necessity you chose the right objective for your clients.

Facebook ads Campaign objective

AdSet Level – In this level you work on the Budget, Schedule Date, Audience & Targeting for your campaign. Facebook has two types of Budget for your Campaign – Daily Budget & Lifetime Budget. Moving forward after budget you take over the type of Audience required for your campaign. If you have implemented Pixel on your Website, You can choose Custom Audience. You can even target based on the Age – Gender & Language. Detailed targeting is one of the most important metric here. The more detailed targeting you add, The better the results.

Facebook ads Detailed targeting

In the above image you can make out that i have targeted based on interest-Mainly focused on online advertising. You can target based on additional interest also. Going under detailed targeting there are 3 major Segments – Demographics-Interest-Behaviors. Under each segment, you get more detailed targeting.

Facebook ads Targeting by Demographics.

Fromm the above source you can make out the Power of detailed targeting on Facebook.

AD Level – At the beginning of the ad level, you chose the right Facebook page and Instagram from which the Ad has to be displayed. Going forward you majorly have 3 types of ad – Single image or Video – Carousel – Collection. From my personal experience carousel Ad will make a big impact compared to other types of Ads. You need to keep experimenting with the above Ad categories. If a single image doesn’t works try Carousel, if Carousel doesn’t work try Video.

Facebook ads Ad types

Coming down from the creative side you get the Call to action button & this is very important. If your running an Ad for blog make the call to action Learn more, If your running an Ad for Webinar Registration make it Sign Up and so on based on the Ad goal. You can add captions & headlines for the creative in the Ad segment too.

The Power of Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a code that can be deployed on all the pages of your website. Instead of having separate codes for conversion & Analytics, The Facebook pixel is one code that will serve all-purpose. With Facebook pixel, you can measure the effectiveness of your Advertising & the actions taken by the user on your website. Whenever a user takes an action on the Website, The pixel is triggered. The custom audience can only be created with the help of Facebook pixel. A lookalike audience campaign will perform better if your Facebook pixel is served more than a thousand times.

The Workflow of Facebook Pixel – When someone visits your website and takes an action (for example, buying something), the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you’ll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. You’ll also be able to reach this customer again by using a Custom Audience. When more and more conversions happen on your website, Facebook gets better at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. This is called conversion optimization.

Facebook Pixel

To determine the sales which have come through your campaign you need to deploy the Pixel on the Thank you page. Thank you page is a page where people land once they have purchased your Product. Facebook Ai & Machine learning understands the campaign very well & shows the Ad for more relevant audience who are making a purchase for your product. This happens when a campaign has been running for a long time. In order to determine the performance of each campaign, The campaign has to pass the learning period. The longer you run the campaign the better it performs. For example, if the Age group between 25 to 35 are making the most purchase for your campaign, Facebook will understand this and starts to show the Ad more for people aged between 25 to 35. This is done through Machine learning. You can determine the no of times the ad is shown for each person through frequency Capping.

Creating The Right Ad Copy For Higher Conversion.

After getting the Target Audience, The next most important thing with Facebook ads is getting the Right Ad Copy. Many people create Ad copy’s that looks like an Ad and generally people don’t like ads. It is very important to create an Ad copy that Looks like a Facebook post. When you write an Ad copy that looks like a Facebook update from you, People will pay attention. Keep the Ad copy simple with a Human Touch.

Write short sentences and talk directly. Your Ad Copy Goal is to retain the attention of your users while they are being bombarded with 100s of other Ads & notifications from Facebook.

Facebook ad copy

The same ad can have multiple images & you can test which gives you the best performance. Multiple ads can be in the same Ad set & Facebook will run the good performing ads so that you get a good ROI. When you set up Facebook ads you will be running the same ads on your Instagram profile also. Instagram is even more visual than Facebook.

The same ad can have multiple images & you can test which gives you the best performance. Multiple ads can be in the same Ad set & Facebook will run the good performing ads so that you get a good ROI. When you set up Facebook ads you will be running the same ads on your Instagram profile also. Instagram is even more visual than Facebook.

Creating Landing Pages That Convert Well

When you run Facebook ads, Do not drive traffic to the home page of your website. The conversion will be low and there are too many links around and it is not focused on a single call to action. The best kind of Landing page that can be used for Facebook ads are leads pages & Sales pages.

For brand new Audiences always use lead pages so that you can capture people’s E-mail IDs to build your own e-mail list. For an Audience that you already have on your list, drive traffic to the landing page where you have the product for sale.

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