The Music streaming giant has taken a step further in the Audio industry again with the launch of Green Room. In late March Spotify announced that it was acquiring the Locker Room which was mainly a Sports focused Audio App. Today, The company has Launched their new App named Green Room. A new mobile App which allows worldwide Spotify users to join or host live Audio Rooms. Live host from the Audio rooms can also turn these Audio into podcast. Spotify has also announced Creators Fund where the creators will get awarded when they create Must hear-Live audio on Spotify Green room Spotify wants to reward creators for the communities they build & for the experience they create on green room.

Spotify Green Room app resembles more of the Lockers Room’s UI.

The current Locker room users will se an update on their current app which has been Re-Branded & Re-Designed for the green room Experience. The Spotify Green room App looks more like Spotify App with a Green colored ui theme, Font & Icon’s.

To join the new Green Room App- Spotify users need to login from the Green Room app which will be Re – Directed to the Spotify App. Once the users has been registered, They get to choose their fav topic based on the Rooms Available. More like Connecting to their Interest. The users can even search groups based on the interest from the search Tab. Spotify users who dont have subscription to the premium account can also use Green Room.

Spotify Green Room Feature

The users on the Green Room App can talk not just about sports but based on their interest like Music, Culture & Tech etc. Users can join the groups based on their interest. After joining the group they are allowed to talk. You need to raise your hand and press the button so that the host can let you in the room to talk. The speakers of the room Appear on the top of the screen with rounded icon. While the listeners appear below the Screen with smaller icons. Currently the Live room can host up to one thousand people. Spotify plans to expand this feature in the coming days.

If you like the conversation of a speaker in your room, You can virtually Applaud them by giving them “Gems” in the App. To give the speaker a gem Double tap on their profile. The No of Gems the speaker has earned comes next to speakers profile picture. For now, There is no monetary value or calculation associated with the gems.

Spotify Green rooms also offers a live text chat for each room. The chat options can be controlled by the host. The host can also request the recording of the live audio chat, Which can be later turned into podcast episodes.

Spotify says that it will be marketing green room to Artist through its Spotify for artist creators with the view of seeding the app with more Music content.

Spotify Green room is live today on both Android & iOS around 135 markets across the globe. It is currently available in English language but, Plans to expand as it grows.

I personally feel this is a great platform for Creators who wants to make an impact of their personal brand. The platform has given a voice for everybody to make an impact in the right community with the right targeted Audience. People can spend more time on topics which they are interested in. Small business can bring in new customers by Making great content in their room.

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