how to find niche in 2021


The man who chases two rabbits catches none. Discovering your niche is one of the harder parts for anyone. There might be thousands of ideas running in your head right now but it is important to focus on one niche. The grass is green where you water it, not on the other side. From this context, I hope you can make out the importance of having one niche. If you go deep in one niche and find out there is a market need for it and most importantly, it aligns with your thoughts, you’re almost near to finding your niche goal. Imagine calling everyone in a crowd gathering, if you’re calling everyone no one will bother, Call specific people and they will respond. This is the reason having a specific Niche and getting the response of people is important. Your Niche is out there and you have to just pick it and move forward. If you specialize in one thing the productivity will increase.

New Niche is born every day, New needs are discovered every day. As you spend years specializing in one niche, it will become harder & harder for someone else to catch up with you. Imagine if you specialize in one niche for 30 years, there will be no one or it will be very hard for the others to come up to your level. You can also mix & match skills which are called skill Stacking to come up with a unique combination of skills.

Curiosity is the driving force of learning a new subject and a skill. The force is pure and unadulterated in childhood. You need to have fun finding your niche. Think about what made you curious to know about when you were in your childhood days. Your niche has to be connected with your inner force which you had from your childhood. You will do something more only if you enjoy doing it. You will develop mastery in something with time only if you do it. This will lead to a higher level of mastery. A feedback loop that cannot be stopped. The more you are connected with your inner force, the happier you will be in your life. “BECOME WHO YOU ARE BY LEARNING WHO YOU ARE”(Pindar, Ancient Greek Poet) It is a lifelong process.

The Strategy To Find Your Niche.

Childhood Inclinations – What were you interested in as a kid when the world’s demand was not on your shoulders. What were you doing in your free time, What were you reading? Your niche is not just a way of making money. It is religious. It is spiritual. You need to be connected. Dig deep into your primal code. It is already there. you just need to get back in touch with it. People who are hungry to find their niche never rest.

Niche is always evolving. It is important to stack multiple skills. Resist the temptation to be like others. A digital marketer who knows coding can develop a SaaS app and market it to the right audience. A doctor who knows digital marketing can create agencies for doctors and hospitals. A laser who understands human psychology can win cases by applying psychological hacks. When you stack up multiple skills, You become unique. A language expert who knows about 5 languages and also knows to code, can develop a language learning App. Keep adding variations in your niche by learning something new. Finding the right mix is a lifelong process.

People’s Purchasing power in Niche Will Evolve – Before Apple launched the iPhone X, No one thought people will spend$1000 for an iPhone. Apple proved everyone wrong and it became a reality. People do spend that amount of money if the quality is delivered. All the latest iPhones today are priced at more than $1000. Before Starbucks launched their Premium coffee, no one thought that people would be ready to spend more than $5 for coffee. In your niche, you have to be the person that is going to bring the objective truth to the market. The right balance of product/service at the right place.

Be a T-shaped expert in your niche – Which is to know everything in general about a specific niche. And you become an expert in a microniche within a niche. A brain surgeon or a cardiologist first needs to be a general doctor. Only after becoming a general doctor they cam specialize in one thing. You can learn everything in digital marketing and specialize in one micro-niche. It could be Facebook ads, Social media, Seo. To read more about becoming a T-shaped digital marketer CLICK HERE.

Your Niche Should Have Combination Of Passion Talent & Market

How to find niche in 2021

Without the market opportunity, just passion and talent won’t do any help for you. According to my the ultimate investment a person can make in his early life is to buy time and build a product. While building a product you’ll make sure that it has enough demand in the market. Likewise, your niche should have the market need and it will take time to start seeing revenue from your niche.

How to Understand People’s Need And Deamd For Your Niche

People want to go from their current situation to their desired state. This is what everyone wants, this what the customer wants. Your product should become the bridge to that solution. A clear understanding of the current situation and the desired situation will help you in designing your offer. When there is a perfect fit, Your offer will sell naturally. To understand the market you need to create a survey and make a lot of experiments. Building a survey not only helps in knowing the demand but also in lead generation. Find out the top 10 blogs in your niche.

Tools To Do Niche Re-Search

Google Auto Suggest

Ahrefs / SemRush

Google Trends – One of my favorite tools. This tool will help you discover what’s currently trending across your location.


Quora / Medium / Blogging Channels / Facebook Groups

Be the hero in your niche – The future of the market is all about personal branding. Have a clear mission statement for your niche. Eg ( Create The best selling Magazine publication in India). Have a personal brand or build a brand that has the market need. Your journey needs to be clear, Inspiring, and consistent. Have a good online presence across all digital platforms. Focus on your passion and master it. The money will come eventually. If you chase money, your customers will run away. If you choose your customers, Money will chase you.

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