GTA Grand Theft Auto is an open-world game developed by RockStar games. With the release of GTA V in 2013, they took the gaming world into a storm breaking a record of more than 20 million units sold. With the latest installments happening in the GTA V online, the gamers are going bonkers on all the online events from GTA V which makes them play all over the world catching up with gamers across the globe. With this, the most anticipated release is the GTA 6. The next generation of GTA may not be still formally announced to the public yet by Rockstar but there’s no inadequacy of people keen to know more about it.

When is GTA 6 Releasing ?

As per the leaks by Tom Henderson, the upcoming GTA 6 will be set in Vice City itself with a modern-day setting. Just like GTA V, GTA 6 will allow you to play with multiple characters. The game is designed for the next-gen console like Playstation 5 & Xbox One. With all the latest rumors and leaks according to most of the top gaming websites the expected release of the GTA 6 is 2025 and not anytime soon. This is because of the supply shortage in the next-gen console where rockstar was not able to test more gameplay and glitches and they also want to make sure the latest console is available for most of the market. Since it is the most popular game in the world every leaks or crap of information is exciting. There have been a lot of convincing reports that the GTA 6 is in its early stage of development and it’s inevitable for all the gamers particularly after the huge success of GTA V.


With more leaks added Rockstar games are taking heavy inspiration from the GTA V online roaring success and adapting many of its mechanics to bring next-level updates to GTA 6. All we know about the latest in GTA 6 is the new map which is mainly featured on the Vice city with huge next-gen graphic installments and an expanded map. The GTA 6 is set to release for PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X and all the latest released consoles in the market. Rockstar games are heavily focusing on Employee wellbeing for the past year with the Covid pandemic. Rockstar doesn’t want to announce the game until it’s confidential that it will hit the release date. Currently, Rockstar seems to be focusing more on the expanded and the enhanced version of the GTA V coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X. which could also push the release date back.

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