We all know building a WordPress website in 2021 is not Rocket science. And the importance of having a website and your personal brand has become a trend or I would say the need in the market for 2021. People don’t believe in certification today, It’s all about what you have executed. Can you get the results is what matters. Certification can only indicate that you have the knowledge but you cannot build the confidence of your execution. Your Blog/Website is your project. My simple strategy is if a person can get clients and execute the results and get paid for himself, He will surely get good results when he is hired for a Company/Startup.

Having a Website is proof that you have executed what you have learned. Your website will be a platform to experiment with Digital marketing and learn by doing. The whole internet is made up of content. Google crawl’s all the websites through relevant content based on the search queries. When you have a website and when you execute with your content you won a part of the web (Internet). Whatever the tools which you have to use while starting the websites are the same tools used by million dollar company.

A website is also a good platform to showcase what you have learned through your experience. You can put out suggestions through articles/Blogs. People want to listen to people and they are looking for suggestions on the web. If you have a long-term goal of building your own personal brand then having your WordPress website is the first key to success. With your website, you can attract prospective clients and employers, Your website is the brochure for your personal brand. With a clean design and your content, you can express yourself to the world on your thoughts and goals.

How to build WordPress website

Having a blog/website also helps you in building an audience. You can build your E-mail list with people who visit your blog and with the same build a community for your personal brand. This can be done by havening a landing which has a contact form where people land and on the page and submit their details. If you’re building a brand it is important to turn your audience into a tribe. Building the audience who come to your website can be done through paid media platforms such as Facebook Pixel and Google Pixel. You need to focus on providing great value to your audience through your content. Only if you have great content then you can build a great tribe. The beginning is the hardest, & keep in mind it need not be perfect.

Your website content is more important than design, It is only because of content google crawls your website and not for the design. A simple minimalist design gets the job done & that is the most important thing. Google’s website just has the logo and the search bar. There is no design in a typical sense. End of the day it is getting the job done.

Why You Should Build your WordPress Website

A blog has frequent updates. It is important to keep your website blog with fresh content to keep your site alive. A blog is also a website. A typical corporate company which just has their product/service section in a single page can be called a website. If your consistently updating your blogs with new articles it can be called blogs.

35% or more of the web is built on WordPress.org. It is an open-source content management system developed by thousand of developers. You just need to sign up and install your WordPress on your Domain, it is that simple. Sony Music, New York Times, TechCrunch, Time inc, All of these famous websites and news publications are built on wordpress.org If this software is good for such big company’s then it is definitely good for us. No Doubt!!

Plugins on WordPress accelerate your workflow and makes it very simple and get things done with ease. Plugins enhance the functionality of WordPress blogs. Pre-built themes make sure that you do not need a custom design to look professional.

Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website

Choose the domain name very carefully. It is difficult to change the domain name in the future. Choose a domain name that has .com. It gives a lot of potential to your website and traffic. If you’re building a personal brand you can opt-in for a domain name that is connected to your personal name. Add digital in front of your name for the domain, You will have a high chance of getting .com if you add digital. If you have some other goals and other thoughts for your domain name do a lot of research. Convey to the people what does your domain means to the market. For example- I have a goal of building a Magazine brand in which you are reading this article now, I have done a lot of research on the domain name.

Your domain name is recommended to be 10 characters keep it to two words as much as possible. If you can observe most of the international companies have just two words. One name is most preferred. For example Swiggy.com Apple.com Practo.com. You can register your names at Namecheap.com Godaddy.com

How To Choose Hosting For Your WordPress Website

Any computer connected to the internet can be a website host. It is impractical to set up your own server because of 24/7 internet & it will not handle traffic spikes. So Instead of your own server, you rent a server. Basically hosting is a platform that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the world wide web. There are different types of hosting based on your necessity you can choose what is best for you. Shared hosting is one of the most used hosting platforms. In shared hosting, you can have more than 2 websites on one server many Digital agencies adapt to this type of hosting.

Setting Up Professional E-mail Using G-Suite

G-mail is one of the most used email services on the web. It is comfortable to use Gmail for your business as well. If you want to send out an email via an email marketing tool, You need to have a custom domain email. Most email marketing tools will not allow you to send emails from your Gmail account. A custom domain E-mail ID looks professional. If your a freelancer or digital mentor it is highly recommended to have a domain email. If you want to have a custom domain email ID with all the features of Gmail, You need to sign up for a Gsuite account. You will get 30GB of drive space & all other features you have in Gmail. It is very easy to collaborate with your team you can have common calenders, Docs, Sheets & more.

How To Measure Website Traffic – Back in time, people use to measure web traffic using a web traffic counter. But we have come a long way now. The web hosting solutions also provide traffic stats. The World-Standard now for measuring website traffic is Google Analytics. With the help of google analytics, you can track daily users, Sessions, page views, search traffic, social traffic, devices, and many more you name it. Google Analytics also provides real-time traffic statistics. You can connect it with google ads and track the campaign performance and measure the campaign. All the user activity are tracked in google analytics.

What Are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are the extra pieces of software that add functionality to your WordPress blog. Most of the plugins are open source and some of them are free. Some of the famous Plugins which I would like to suggest.

Askimet – Prevent Spam Comments on your Blog.

All in one SEO Pack – Configure SEO Options in your blog.

CSS & JAVASCRIPT TOOLBOX – These are mainly used for Facebook pixel and Google Pixel which have to be added to all the pages of your website.

Elementor – One of the best Page builders out there for WordPress. You can literally apply the design which is in your mind with this tool.

Will suggest more plugins and page builders in my upcoming blogs where I will go in deep about Websites.

With a great website comes great Content. With your unique content, it is important to make sure Google knows about it and shows it on the SERP page. In order to achieve this, you need constant SEO implementation for all your blog articles and for your website. To learn more about SEO– CLICK HERE.

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