How To Contact Facebook Ads Support Chat in 2022

Facebook ads support is one of the most searched queries in the search engine today. With over more than 10 Million Advertisers on the Facebook platform today, Facebook ads are one the most popular Ad serving platform in the world. Facebook support is a very tricky platform to get in touch with to solve your advertising queries as the Facebook supports team receives a lot of problems from the advertisers each day.

In this article, I will give you the key to open the gate where you can contact Facebook ads support without going through any roller-coaster rides. Before we go ahead in the rode let us first understand the basic requirements you need to have in your ads manager or the business manager account to contact them.

Facebook Ads Chat Support Basic Requirements

You need to have a Facebook Ads Account or the business manager account before you contact the facebook ads support team directly. A Facebook ads manager account is the platform where you run ads with your Facebook profile page and Instagram page.

Once you’re done with the optimization on the Facebook ads manager account you need to know your Ad account ID. The ID Numbers will appear on the top left-hand side of the Facebook ads manager dashboard. This ID number will be accessed by the Facebook support team for all further queries related to that Particular Ad Account.

There are many directions from which you can contact Facebook Support. If your queries are only related to the Facebook Ads manager then we highly recommend you take over the Live Chat Support. Live chat support is one of the best ways to get your Ads problem solved.

In the live chat, you can talk (Text) to the Facebook, support the Representative live, and tell him/her the real-time problem which you are facing in the Ads section. This will help keep a track of the issues which you have faced in the Ads account. The live chat is done through the Facebook messenger service which helps you keep the old conversations stored even if you close the Tab on your PC.

How To Contact Facebook Ads Live Chat Support?

To contact the Live chat support by Facebook all you have to do is click on the Below Link


Once you have click on the above link you will be taken to the direct Facebook Business Help Centre Page.

Facebook Ads Support

On the above image, there are 3 main options –

Select Asset – Select The Issue & Get Help

The asset is where you select the correct Ad account from which you are facing the issue. Make sure you select the right Ad account so that it won’t miss a lead while the Facebook support team goes through your Ad account to rectify the errors.

A list of the most commonly asked issues will be displayed one by one on the next page once you have selected the Add Account. You can select the issue which is more relevant to your issue. There are many chances where you don’t find the right issue at all in those cases you can just select the most relevant one which is closely aligned to your issue.

Once you have selected the Ad Asset the right issue you will be taken to the Live chat support on Facebook messenger where a Facebook representative will join the live conversation directly and chat with you.

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