Personal Brand starts with your personal life. You already have a personal brand among your friends & relatives but you don’t have total control over it. This is the image that you have created for yourself and it is the image others see you. Who you are inside might be different & what you show to others might be a little different. Building a personal brand is a long journey. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years back and the best time is to plant a tree is today. A personal brand is all about having a perception of a character. You decide how people want to perceive you. Build your personal brand with a clear intention. When you build your personal brand with a clear intention, you will become a better person. It will reflect in your personal life too. It is important to let go of your previous self and bring a new version of yourself. A personal brand-driven business is 10x easier to run than a business with no face behind it. A personal brand can build trust in the market & targeted audience. This is because people want to hear from people and people don’t trust Logos. Apple’s brand was initially driven by Steve Jobs. Tesla was Driven by Elon Musk & Amazon was driven by Jef Bezos. trust is a scarce commodity in today’s world but you can cultivate it with your branding. The change should start within yourself by becoming a 2.0 version of yourself. Create a tribe and motivate them.

People don’t buy Logos and Brand names. They buy into a vision and dream. It takes a long time for a logo to gain a character. Until then it has to be built by a person. Eg- Steve job, Elon Must & Jeff Bezos. A good relationship with your audience and tribe comes from having a strong personal brand. You are the leader of your tribe and then the tribe takes a momentum of its own. As a personal brand, you need to think of long-term. Every customer is a relationship for life. You are in the business of adding value to people’s life. Select a niche and put everything you’ve got into the business. To know more about how to find your profitable niche CLICK HERE.

The Importance Of Having A Tribe In Personal Brand

You cannot build a personal brand without having a tribe around you that Amplifies your message and creates a perception to the outside world. Your closest & best tribe members will come from the most premium product that you sell. For example, mastermind training for 100 people, will get the best results. The next level of members will come from the customers of your product. Then the people who just follow your content, you have people who have heard of you but not subscribed to you. Your core level of cult members will convenience your second circle of people to become part of your primary circle & the brand radiates outwards like that.

How to build your Personal brand in 2021

Every Rupee you ever make is only going to come from a customer. It is important to convert your followers into your customer list. Build a product where your customer can purchase them and so that you can Re-invest the same money again in Marketing or Ads. At the same time your building your personal brand & creating your tribe. Build a Marketing funnel for this cycle and start with a low-end product and as you reach the bottom of the funnel you upsell a premium product for your customers. You need to be the magnet that converts strangers into followers, followers into customers & your customers into raving fans. You cannot ignore your tribe. A group of your own tribe is better than your social media followers. One thousand members in your inner circle are much more powerful than 10 thousand social media followers. Be an inspiration that others want to follow you. Do not brag. Just do amazing things & talk about it & how you did it in a humble way. Not everyone will like you when your building your personal brand. Some will love you & some will hate you. Stand for something and live with a large vision & mission. People will support it. Be Polarising.

Creating the culture for your community – When your an Inspirational personal brand, Your followers will imitate you. You have to set the culture for your community. If you are hard-working and down-to-earth, others will want to be the same. Maintain a high status in your community. If there are people in your community who do not follow rules and self-promote, Kick them out. When more than 80% look up to you, the rest will also do it. Social proof is very contagious. With best practice, your E-mail list will be the primary way to communicate with your community.

How do you want people o see you? Build your brand with clarity on how the world should see you. Build your brand with clarity on how the world should perceive you. I the beginning don’t sell products. Sell the outcome and the vision. Having a clear goal on how to capture the market and be the only one in your niche can be the best personal brand strategy to build. The tool to shape your brand is communication with your tribe and the world. IKIGAI is a Japanese book that is about finding the purpose in life. A highly recommended book for Personal brand enthusiast

Building Your Character For Personal Brand

Be clear in what you stand for and what you stand against. People connect with people better when there is a common thing that they hate. Have a clear superpower. Be an expert in one thing and start going in deep with that one aspect. Be a T-shaped marketer. To know more about T-shaped marketers Click here. Have a clear storyline that is consistent and people can remember you with it. Storytelling is the key and everybody loves to hear a story. Start with how you started with all your ups and downs. And be clear in what made you to be what you are today. Sharing your passion also be an attractive key. Have an insider term connected to your community. Only teach what you have done, Not what you have learned.

The better you communicate the better your personal brand will be – Address each person directly especially when your writing your E-mails. Use personalized E-mail to connect deeply with your tribe and audience. Be inspirational and share your success stories.

Use all communication channels – Social media, E-mail, Telegram Whatsapp, Live webinars, Phone calls, Facebook groups, etc. Use all types of content formats as well. – Photos-blogs-videos-webinars-chatbots-Podcast. Automate things as much as possible for a smooth workflow. Inspire and motivate your community and tribe for a better brand positioning. Learn to build Anticipation and get people excited for your content. Have a strong following base on all the social media platforms. Make a portfolio of all the positive reviews and videos given by your tribe and community and make it an asset for your personal brand. When you’re building a personal brand you do not have a business, you are the business. Applying yourself to Corporate social responsibility can help you build your brand image.

how to build personal brand in 2021

Your personal brand will have a bigger effect on the conversion than the copy. You need to earn permission to sell by providing the value first. If you earn the trust in the first place the rest will take over on its own. You might destroy the brand if you have built it by promoting too much. Sell only the product which you would use. Always have something new for the audience. You cannot keep repeating the same content again and again. Read and learn more. Create a contest for content creation. Share the content with all your followers and send Emails. Have most of your recordings on your youtube channels.

Personal Brand For Affiliate Marketing

Trying to sell something just by driving traffic to the page is very difficult. The conversion will below and you will spend more time and money on traffic generation. You do not need thousands of visitors to your blog. You just need 100 people in your tribe who will trust your recommendation. When you promote affiliate products in your niche you will get an understanding of what people buy and what they don’t. You will get a better understanding of the market and you will be able to promote your own products and services.

Personal Brand For Freelancing

If you’re going to do freelancing in the digital marketing niche, Your clients would want to know the results you have achieved. The best way to show them results is to show them your blogs. The traffic you have driven and the community you have built around your personal brand. Even if your not in the digital marketing niche, personal branding can help. Eg- If you’re a designer you can write about the latest trends in the design platform. A client that wants to hire you will choose over the other people because you will have more authority. Use a domain e-mail of your website to make an impact and at the same time, there are chances of them checking out your blog.

The Strategy To Build Your Personal Brand

Thoughts Inspirations and Ideas come to you based on your experience and the content which you are consuming. Take time to figure out your goals. Build a long-term goal for your personal brand based on your experience today. Create your thoughts into Debates, Inspiration & ideas by interacting with your community about what you learned today. Share it and take feedbacks links to other sources and strike another conversation.

Take all the above-mentioned points and make them into a blog post. Take the blog post into in-depth videos. You can also eventually write a book. With blogs books and videos you can create a course for your tribe and start selling. When all the above strategies are applied accordingly and in time you can be the mastermind in your niche for your personal brand. Your personal brand will have a very strong root. It will take a lot of time to build what you are dreaming of today. If your roots are strong enough then the fruits will yield themselves over time with proper nurturing.

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