Google hum to search feature can help in recognizing the song stuck in your head

A song stuck in your head? Worry no more.

Google hum to search is a new feature by google where you can hum to a tune of a song stuck in your head.

How dose the hum to search work?

The user can hum, whistle or sing for about fifteen seconds, then the technology of google takes these data & the songs melody & turns it into a number based sequence & recommends the user the songs which relate to the hum. This feature has been possible through google’s machine learning algorithms which helps in the identification of the potential match of the songs.

Google has said the machine learning algorithms takes away all other details like, accompanying instruments & the voice tone. The MI even recognizes the the melody of studio recorded version version of the songs. All the above feature is built by the google AI research team’s music recognition’s technology.

The Workflow of the Hum to search

The feature is available on both ios & android. To access it, the user has to go to the google search widget or the google search app & tap on the mic button, below the search bar you will get an option to search a song. Tap on the button and your good to hum.

The technology doesn’t expect the user to be very precise in their humming. The results are based on the tune. The results comes like a pop up where the users can select a list of recommended songs from the hum result. Google has also added the link of the full song where the user can listen to it in a dedicated music streaming platform like spotify or apple music. The feature is currently available in 20 languages & google hopes to add more languages in the coming days.

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