Apple Watch Series 6 Review

Apple Watch Series 6 Review with blood oxygen monitoring & Series 6 Chip.

It’s that time of the year where all the tech giants across the globe reveal their new hardware products for the year 2020. Apple on September 15th unveiled two new hardware devices except for the most awaited device of 2020, the iphone 12.

Apple launched 2 new apple watch for the year 2020, Apple watch series 6 & Apple watch S.E. Along side the apple watch they revealed a new series of ipad Air & a new service plan by apple named APPLE ONE for all their stream services. Lets talk about the new watch which has some groud breaking features.

Apple watch series 6 & the S.E follow the same design as apple watch series 5, but this year the series 6 has a special entry in the lineup which is the PRODUCT RED. Apple had only launched product red with iphone models but, this year apple is bringing Product red to its watch lineup.

The series 6 comes with many finish options like, Aluminium, stainless steel &titanium. The apple watch SE comes with only aluminium finish. Both the watches are available in 40mm & 42mm size & both are water resistant up to 50 meters.

Apple Watch Series 6 Hardware

The series 6 runs on the latest chip which is said to be the S6 with dual-core processor & its 20% faster than the series 5 chip. The apple watch S.E runs on the series 5 processor & its said to be 2x faster than the series 3 smart watch. The series 6 comes with a U1 chip & ultra wide band antennas to enable short range wireless locations for features like digital car keys which will be coming in the future days. The series 6 is capable of fast charging with 1.5 hours to full your watch battery.

Blood Oxygen Measurement On Apple Watch Series 6

The most remarkable feature of apple watch series 6 is the blood oxygen measurement in your body. The ability to measure your blood oxygen feature,an indication of wellness is the most noteworthy feature in the series 6.


The feature enables the user to understand how well your body is absorbing oxygen, & the amount of oxygen delivered to your body.

The new sensors in the apple watch series 6 is made up of four LED clusters & four photo diodes according to apple. These sensors work with the custom made blood oxygen app to determine your blood oxygen level in the body.

The deeply illuminating green & red LED light sensors shine light on the blood vessels in your wrist & the photo diodes measure the amount of light reflected back. The advanced algorithm calculate the color of the blood, which in return indicates the amount of blood oxygen in your body.

The apple watch series 6 starts at a price of $399 for G.P.S model & $499 for G.P.S + cellular model. The 44mm model starts at $449.

Apple has added sleep tracking feature for the series 6 & new watch face where you can place your own Memoji as a watch face.

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