iPhone 12 & 12 pro Review Is it worth the hype?


iphone 12 review

It’s October that’s termed to be ” Techtober” according all the tech bloggers and tech geeks across the globe. This year apple has released 4 new iphones, which was very surprising to the public. Apple says they focus more on customer satisfaction rather than how many iPhone they release every year. More importantly apple focused on the release of 5G this year. Lets dig deep into all the 4 new devices.

Apple has released 4 new iPhone “iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 pro max “.

iPhone 12 Design

The design of all the new series of iPhone relates to the past boxy shaped design of iPhone 4 & 5.

iPhone 12

The box shaped design allows the screen to surface more around the corner bringing more satisfying edge to edge display. Apple said the new iPhone 12 has less bezel and more Screen, though the notch size is still the same as iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 Mini / iPhone 12

Here is the entry level iPhones for this year, Both posses the LED display taking over the LRD of the last year entry level phones as iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 comes with a 6.1 Super retina display & the Mini stands at 5.4 inch. Apple says the new iPhone 12 is 11% thinner, 15% smaller & 16% lighter than the last year models.

iPhone 12 Size

Both the phones posses the latest 5G connectivity. Apple says they have designed the iPhone 12 as worlds smallest and thinnest, lightest 5G phone.

Apple has introduced a new glass called the Ceramic shield. It’s designed as one of the most toughest glass ever in a smartphone. Apple says the ceramic shield has 4x better drop performance than any other smartphone glass. Apple says iPhone already has the toughest glass in a smart phone but, to dramatically increase the durability of the 12 models , they introduced all new materials. The shield consist of nanoscale ceramic crystals which undergoes dual ion- exchange process which makes it more scratch resistant. Both the iPhone 12 comes with aluminum edges with & body. Apple has introduced a special feature known as H2OK which poses a better spill & splash resistance.

With the 5G feature on iPhone 12, apple says you can download movies on the fly as 5G is super fast on the iPhone. FaceTime & video streaming’s will have less lags with the 5G.

iPhone 12 Hardware & Performance

With the industry leading Hardware & Chip, Apple continues to dominate the performance in the speed of smartphones. With A13 already being the chip of tomorrow’s speed, apple has introduced the A14 for its iPhone 12 series. The A14 Bionic Chip capable of crunching 11 Trillion operations per second on the Neural Engine. Both the iPhone 12 & 12 pro has the A14 Bionic chip. With the help of A14 chip the iPhone can shoot Videos with the Dolby vision with live shooting of video. The chip is ahead of its time, prepared to power pretty much everything that comes ahead.

iphone 12 chip

iPhone 12 Camera

Apple has introduced night mode on both the lenses o the iPhone 12 models. The new camera brightens the photos to 28% more the the iPhone 11. The new smart HDR feature balances the elements in a shot, bringing out the detail on the subject with retaining the rich color of the background. Smart HDR 3 uses machine learning to deliver more sharp images with more color & sharpness .

iPhone 12 Pro Review

There is no much difference compared to the 12 and 12 pro models. Lets look into the main features on the pro model.

The LiDAR sensor on the iPhone 12 pro takes a turn.

The new LiDAR sensor deliver the AR experience at the speed of light. The sensor measures how long dose it takes light to reflect back on the object so that it can create a depth map of any space your in. Apple says with the help LiDAR sensor the AR apps can now transform your bedroom into realistic rainforest or show you exactly how a sneaker will fit.

The iPhone 12 pro cameras are now capable of shooting short movies with its advanced camera system with Dolby feature available with live recording. The wide camera with larger sensors bring more details out of the shadows in the picture. For the first time ever you can now take Time Lapse in Night mode feature in the iPhone 12 Pro models.

iPhone 12 pro camera

iPhone 12 pro body comes with the edge to edge stainless steel giving it more premium look and feel with 6.1″ display for pro model and 6.7″ display for pro max models. Apple has introduced a new color called Pacific Blue for both the model and following the last year colors its available in Silver, Graphite & gold. iPhone 12 comes with colors of Black, White, Product Red, Green & Blue.

iPhone 12 with Mag safe ( Everything Just Clicks )

Apple has introduced a new way of charging your phone called the mag safe accessories. It basically works with the back magnet present in the iPhone and with the help of the new accessory it clicks with the magnet behind the iPhone giving it a more satisfying feel of charging the iPhone. Apple has also added a Pouch where you can store your credit cards etc. With the help of Mag safe Apple claims the iPhone charges faster in wireless charging with the help of the align magnets.

Apple is not including the Brick Adapter & Earpods inside the box. Apple aims to become Carbon by 2030. In its 2020 environmental report, Apple aims to reduce its Carbon emission by 75% by 2030 by developing innovative carbon removal solutions.

iPhone 12 Price Lists

iPhone 12 Starts at Rs 79,900 for the 64gb models & the iPhone 12 pro starts at Rs 119,900 for 128gb variant. The price for the iPhone 12 mini is still skeptical as the release date in India has not been confirmed yet.

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