I’ve been a user of apple music ever since it launched in 2015, And it has been a great music streaming platform for me for the past five years. This article is all about how has apple music evolved in the past years to be one of the best music streaming platforms in the world.


The internet has changed the way we consume music. Back in those days we had to search for a particular song & go through tons of websites to get the best quality music. Today, it’s all in your pocket. From the Beatles to the latest Roddy Rich tracks it’s all available in just a click away.

Some of the top music streaming platform in the world

  1. Spotify
  2. Apple Music
  3. Pandora
  4. Soundcloud
  5. Tidal

The Evolution of Apple Music

Apple Music was launched in June 2015 with the release in over 100 countries. With the initial launch, the users had a free trial for 3 months which would change to a monthly plan once the trial ended. In the beginning, apple music had 50 million songs. Today, Apple music has 80 million songs with a user base of 72 million monthly subscribers. Though apple music was a little late to enter the online music streaming industry, Apple music stands in no 2 positions in the world today. Apple Music is available on Apple devices. From the apple watch series 3 cellular version, you can access all 70 million songs from your wrist. Apple Music launched video platform in 2019 which made a huge impact in the streaming industry as other streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer have not opened for video streaming yet. With the video launch, apple took ahead to make it to the No2 position of the top streaming services across the globe. Apple Music has its own radio station which is 24/7 live streaming from LA & London.

The radio show uplifts the interviews of upcoming & emerging artists with their latest release from all over the world.  


The best thing which I love about apple music is its algorithm & machine learning. Apple Music has a custom-designed playlist which is one of the most outstanding features when compared to its competitors. The machine learning in apple music learns your go-to daily songs & genre. Based on the learning data it gives you a custom-designed playlist. Let’s dig into the music app U I to help you understand better.

Apple music UI

Apple music has 5 tabs when you open, ListenNow, Browse, Radio, Library & Search.

Apple music

The listen now section is where you find yourself. The listen now tab was called the “For you” tab back then. Listen now has everything you need from the latest tracks to your favorites, recently played, Your radio station & more.

Listen now tab has section named “Made for you”. In this you get five playlists named NEW MUSIC Mix, FRIENDS Mix, Favorites Mix, GET UP Mix & CHILL Mix. 

My personal favorite is the “Favorites Mix “. This playlist gets updates every Tuesday based on your listening cycle. Basically, Apple music machine learning get the most played songs from your library from the past 2 weeks and combines them together for your favorite mix.

Friends Mix has all the songs which your friends are listening to. All songs which your friends have been listening from past one week are added into this playlist.

New Music Mix is all you need. This playlist has the best new songs which are linked to your genre. Let’s say you’re listening to EDM for the past two weeks. Your New music mix will have all new songs from EDM & the relevant artist from the same.

Get Up Mix. The name says it all. This playlist combines all the tracks which boost big bass & high energetic tracks enough to get your Monday morning uplifting


Chill Mix.  This playlist is into moody songs to help you relax and unwind your Sunday mornings. This playlist is updated every Sunday.

Apple music for you playlist


Every artist on apple music has their own essential playlists. The essential playlist combines the best & new track of the artist. Let’s say you want to listen to the latest & best of Arian Grande’s tracks on apple music. The Essential playlist will help you in finding the best & latest tracks of Ariana.

The essential playlist is updated regularly to keep you in the loop.

Apple music essential playlist


For you, stations are personalized Radio stations made for you. Based on your past listening habits. Apple music machine learning comes up with a personalized radio station for you based on artists which you have been listening to from p. Apple music even suggests similar artists in the radio stations which you maybe be interested in. These radio station combine all the tracks of the artist from the oldest to the latest which helps you keep in the loop. For example, let’s say you’re listening to the Weeknd, you will have a dedicated radio based on the same artist.

Apple music stations


One of the best features you can look up to on apple music is the Replay playlists.

This playlist combines the year mix & your top songs which you’ve been listening to for the whole year. All your most played tracks & radio stations for the whole year will be recorded in a single playlist. The year mix playlist is available at the end of the year and you can play it anytime you want. Apple music stores all your year mix ever since you joined apple music. You can replay the year mix of 2016 if you started apple music that year.

Apple music replay playlist


Apple Music has been running its own global radio station named Apple music 1 in over 100 countries. Back then, the radio was named Beats 1.  Since 2015 apple music radio has grown as one of the most listened radios around the world. Apple music radio is headed by Zane lowe.

Apple music one has in-depth interviews from emerging artists more global exclusives and premieres than anywhere else, and unique programming that produces culture-moving, news-making moments year after year.

Apple music radio studio is located in Los angles, New York & London bringing the latest state-of-the-art studio. It is the center of the pop culture conversation & deep interviews for the artist’s new releases. Apple music.    

Apple music radio has 3 sections

  • Apple Music One radio
  • Apple Music Hits
  • Apple Music country

The artist interviews are hosted by hosts Zane lowe (Apple music global director) Ebro darden & many more. The radio runs 24/7 all across the globe bringing the best new music & interviews from the artists.


Apple Music has thousands of custom-made playlists. You can browse playlist based on the genre you’re looking for & once you start it will automatically start suggesting your genre.

Am a hardcore electronic music fan so all my playlist suggestion is on EDM based.

Apple Music brings the country playlists based on your location. The country playlist consists of the best new music currently trending in your location from emerging artists. In India, apple music has a playlist based on states language. The custom playlist boost tracks based on the different states languages & the playlist are updated regularly to keep you in the loop.


Apple Music starts at $9.99 in the unites states for an individual plan. In India apple charges ₹99 for individual plans. The family plan is $14.99 in U.S.A & ₹149 in India. Apple has come with a new subscription model named apple for its service. This one service includes subscriptions of Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple arcade & 50GB of iCloud data. The apple one starts at ₹150 in India for an individual plan.

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