Top Digital Marketing Tools To Help Your Business Grow

Digital tools has become more than a necessity in today’s business generation. The digital tools helps you in getting your work done in a simpler way & helps you save up time. Basically the digital tools help to make your workflow easier. If you’r a digital marketer & want to make your clients projects in a easier & systematic way, This article will help you in staying updates with the latest in digital marketing tools.

In this article i have covered the digital tool which are mainly used for performance marketing.

CANVA – It’s been said, Content is the king, Without content you cannot market anything. Canva helps in building the content for your clients. From social media post construction to designing logo & brochure, you have everything in Canva. The best part of canva is that, They have ready made sample content for all the digital construction platforms. Based on theme, You can select the best one which suits your necessity. With basic version of Canva you have access to all the content but some photos & icons base are restricted. With the pro version you have the ability to make your logo get a transparent background & make you social media post look stunning with some great effects. CLICK HERE to explore more into Canva.

ZAPIER – It is an automation tool which helps to make your workflow more easier. Zapier automatically transfers all your leads into the given destination. With the help of zapier you can automate your campaign leads into destination such as google sheets or your E-mail list directly. Zapier is very easy to set up & helps you build your lead data in a systematic way which in return saves time & helps you build a dashboard within no time. Zapier is a paid tool but they offer a 14 day free trial which helps to understand the workflow. In order to to get the free trial you need to have a domain verified e-mail. Example@google.com. Zapier lets you create number of zaps where each zaps will handle different tasks. You can integrate these zaps with your automation tool which in return helps to scale your business. CLICK HERE to explore more into Zapier.

MAILCHIMP– The best E-mail marketing platform in the market. Mailchimp is not just a E-mail marketing tool but you can do more wonders in it. You can construct landing pages for your campaign, Build your audience, Automate your campaign leads & integrate you website to. Mailchimp lets you send email’s such as custom or automated & lets you promote your brand products with the same. You can build landing pages for your ads with just drag and drop & integrate all the leads from various sources to your audience dashboard directly. You can build survey’s, Postcards, social posts and much more with just one tool. Building signup form for your website is just a click away in mailchimp. CLICK HERE to explore more into Mailchimp.

TYPEFORM – Do you want to understand your customer more ? Typesform is the where you have to be. Typeform lets you build surveys for your audience and clients & help you in understanding your customer better with the results. For example if your company is coming up with new product it’s better to understand if the audience needs it & how dose it fit in for your audience. In this situation you can make use of type form where you build surveys to understand what dose the audience actually need. Typeform lets you integrate all your survey results into googleforms or even Xls. This integration can be done with zapier. You can build survey templates based on your theme. Typeform even lets you build quiz templates for you college memories so why wait? CLICK HERE to explore more into Typeform.

LEAD GENERATION TOOLS – Lead generation is a core activity in marketing. For every business you need leads. The below tools will help you generate high quality domain leads such as CEO, CFO. COO and much more.

GETPROSPECT.IO – One of the best in the market, Getprospect will help you generate leads from linkedin profiles. You can aim for getting high quality leads from your linkedin connections through Getprospect & guess what? the tool is free!. To get registered you need to have domain verified E-mail which helps to build your profile. You need add a google chrome extension plugin in order to generate leads. One these things have been set up. You can login to linkedin & reach to the profile where you intend to get the E-mail from. Right below the linkedin profile you will get an option named Get E-mail. You ned to click on the button and the E-mail is generated & added to your list automatically. When you go the dashboard of your Getprospect profile all the generated e-amil are grouped accordingly based on their positions. It’s that simple. When it comes to lead generation getprospect is the best lead tool you can access. CLICK HERE to know more about Getprospect.io

ROCKET REACH & SNOV.IO – Both the tools are the same when it come to their workflow. Both generate leads. Rocket reach & Snovio help you to generate leads from websites. The two tools mainly focuses on generating leads from websites, All the leads are verified by their domain E-mail. With the help of Snov.io you can generate leads from the dashboard itself. These two tools will work through chrome plugins. To get access to the tools you need a domain verified e-mail to set your profile. Once your done with profile login, You need to add the chrome plugin extension of both the tools. Once the extension is activated you can land on the website & start searching for the E-mails. The chrome extension provides you with number of E-mails. Later you can filter it out and segregate according to your requirement. CLICK HERE to access RocketReach. CLICK HERE to access SNOV.IO

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