What is Drip Marketing (E-mail Marketing) CATT MARKETING FUNNEL

The aim of drip marketing is to keep your customers (Leads) engaged. Drip marketing is mainly done with the help of E-mail marketing. Basically, drip marketing is a set of automated e-mails which is set for a scheduled time & sent to the right customer at the right time. Drip marketing is one by following CATT Marketing Funnel The goal is to keep your audience engaged with the agenda to purse a transaction or to make them stay updated with your latest product installment. With the help of drip marketing you can understand your customer better & keep your customer close.

Understanding Drip Marketing

I am pretty sure you would have heard about drip irrigation for plants. It is a process where small amount of water droplets are released over time to the plants to nourish them. The most important of drip irrigation is that, The water is released to the plants at the right place & at the right time. The plants are grown at a fast phase without the wastage of water & time. Healthy amount of plants are grown with the least amount of investment. Drip marketing is more like similar aspect but instead of water we add small amount of aspects related to marketing with the right intervals & right time. With the help of drip marketing the company can reduce sales cost & customer support.

Before we get started with the process of Drip marketing, lets talk about a very important marketing funnel called C.A.T.T funnel

What is CATT marketing funnel ?

The CATT Marketing funnel stands for Content, Attention, Trust & Transaction. This funnel plays an important role in Drip marketing. The content is the product or service which you provide, Once your product is in the market your next goal is to get the attention for your product. Once the attention is done, then is the crucial part where you need to build trust with your customer with your product. Building trust with your audience takes time but, Once the trust is done the transaction will be done to your product. When the trust is built in your product, Without a second thought people will start buying your products. The same road map will be applied in Drip marketing.


The road map for Drip marketing

Once you get the lead through sign up forms or subscription banners, you start the Drip marketing for the lead. This is when the person has shown interest in your product/service.

Lead Nurturing (The beginning phase)

DAY 1 – Welcome the lead with a thank you E-mail for showing interest in your product/service with a brief introduction about your product.

DAY 3 – E-mail with an introduction about the features about your product/service.

DAY 5 – Offer something for free to your audience ( E-book). With this you can increase the bonding level with your audience.

DAY 7 – Follow up with the lead on the purchase (If not done) & so on until the transaction is done by the customer.

Customer on-boarding & Customer Success

This stage is when the customer has made the transaction with the product.

DAY 1 – Thank you e-mail for the purchase of the product, With a short video about the product. 

DAY 3 – Tips & trick on how to make maximum use of the product 

DAY 5 – Videos, Article or manual on how to use the products

Day 7 – (ANS SO ON) Keep the lead tangled with the latest installment in your product.

Customer Retention in Drip Marketing

This is one of the most important aspect in drip marketing. Any business goal is to retain their customer. Customer retention will help you grown your good will & with the help of word of mouth you can attract more customers from the clients you already have.

DAY 10 – Proactively ask for feedback & problems faced by the customer or any areas for improvements or suggestions related to your product/service through E-mail. 

Day – 13 – Make the customer more touched with a one-to-one phone call to make a huge impact & to make sure the customer is happy with your product. Make sure the product has worked for the customer. (met his needs).


DAY 1 – introducing your premium products to the existing customer.

DAY 3 – Case study about the customers success story with your product and keep the loop going forward. 

The drip marketing funnel should be customized based on the business needs & it’s customers. 

Lead Nurturing in Drip marketing

Today’s potential buyers don’t become customers overnight – they require marketing over time as they self-educate and build trust with a company. Lead nurturing helps marketers communicate consistently with buyers […] throughout the sales cycle.” – Marketo.com

Drip marketing for leads work very well because the lead won’t be ready to convert as soon as they discover your product. If you think from the customers shoes the lead won’t get excited as soon as they see your service.The constant communication with your lead builds trust & to make an informed buying decision, they need more information about the product. 

Any person who has shown interest in your website or product/service is a lead. 

It is called a lead because it contains the contact details of the potential customer. At this stage, the potential buyer is only called a cold lead. 

According to Re-search 50% of leads are qualified but not ready to buy. Once the lead is educated enough about the product, the lead would turn into warm. Sometimes if the Drip marketing is done correctly, the lead will convert without any sales efforts.

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