One of the most Awaited event of the year from the Tech Giant, Apple World Wide Developer Conference took place yesterday. Just like last year,This event was a fully fledged virtual event. As the event mainly focuses on the Software development from the company. Apple Announced iOS15, WatchOS 8, iPadOS 15, New MacOS Monterey & a HUGE update for the Apple AIRPODS.

Apple WWDC 2021. New iPADOS, Mac OS, WatchOS
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Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the event by his usual Greeting saying “Good Morning” for some Unique crowd.( Animoji Crowd) Moving forward with the event Apple Senior Vice Precedent of Engineering, Craig Frederighi took the event with further Software releases.

Apple Announced All New iOS15, The future Of Mobile Operating System

Apple Announced iOS15

iOS15 Brings a huge Update to the Facetime. Making connections with new people & staying in touch is now easier than ever. Facetime users can now watch or listen movies together Via Facetime call or they can Share their Screen during a Facetime call. This feature can help users in helping other family members or friends if they have any problem regarding he device. Spatial Audio has now been added to even Factime. This in help reduce the outer noise while on a facetime call. The apple machine learning will detected your voice while on the call & Automatically reduce the surrounding noise. The Mic mode wil also help in reducing the Background noise. Users can even turn on Wide spectrum mode if they want to turn on the Background noise.

Apple ios15, Ambient noise cancellation for facetime

Facetime Now Has A Grid View With Bigger And Better Picture.

Apple ios15 New Facrime features

One more outstanding feature is that people can now join facetime calls through links. Just like the Google meet. People can invite other people to Facetime calls or meet or schedule the calls. Another plus point here is people can join facetime through online browser. The feature is made available for those people who don’t have facetime.

Source Apple

Craig say that the New Facetime app is now Natural, Comfortable & Lifelike. Bringing people closer Together.

The message App has an upgrade where your friends are now notified if your in DND mode. you can share Photos on the Message App can now be shared as an Album, Which is more like a collection of Photos. You ca even cycle through photos while in the Message App.

The notification on the Lockscreen is fully Revamped. It has all new Stacked view with a new Notification look. A new feature called notification summary. This more like timely summary Such as mORNING, Afternoon or Evening.

Apple ios15. New notification summary

Another New feature called FOCUS has been added to the notification Update. This feature is mainly focused on Time Sensitive notifications you have to get through. If your working you can let people know you busy through DND Mode. You can choose 4 option in feature Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work & Sleep.

Apple also Announced Live text feature that can scan text through the camera. With the help of the camera App you can point out the camera at a Text, The Camera App scan the text & the user can copy the text send it via Text message, E-mail or Whatsapp. With the selected text from the photo you can even search for the location for the same.

With ios15 Photos now have added support with Apple music. You can edit or select the best tracks which suits the situation of your Memories. This on of the most best features from io15 for me. The photos even sink Dynamically with the music which is a pretty cool feature.

The health has been Upgraded with the latest UI. Family members can now share their health information with each other to better track your family and loved ones. There are better metric to asses if your falling behind some one in the future or other changes to your health.

Apple Announced Privacy Reports With iOS15

Apple announced Privacy reports with ios15

With ios15 Apple has taken a step further about privacy for their users with App privacy reports The reports show when you have granted permission’s to those App’s & how recently those App’s have made contact.

The Siri Audio is now never leaving your device. With this update the users request to Siri are now more faster and smoother. Siri is now have been opened to third part devices.

Apple ios15 SIRI Update

Apple iPad OS15 Brings Widget & Multitasking Screen For iPad

Apple iPad now has a brand new multitasking look. Now its easier than ever an App for Split view. An easier way to remove an App in exchange for a different App inside of Split view too. There is also a new centre window where you can view your E-mail or messages inside that Window while multitasking with the other Apps. The App switcher has been updated to to create split view spaces inside the iPad view. This is done through dragging app inside another App.

Apple Also added the update of Widget which can now be added to the iPad Home screen. There are also larger widget to take advantage of the larger Display.

Apple iPad update with Widget

Apple has alos added the Update of App Library to the iPad. Just like the iPhone, All the Apps need not be added in the Home screen. The new quick notes feature allows you start adding notes anywhere on the iPad. You can put anything on the notes such as Names, Numbers or the link from Safari. All of the above notes are organized inside the notes App. The Notes App has a new grid view so that you can find the notes easily.

Apple Announced Watch OS 8

With the Watch OS8 you can now Add Portrait mode photos to your Watch face. You can also add Portrait photos from your iPhone. This feature is a Dynamic multi layered effect that really makes your friends and Family pop out & be front in centre on your Wrist.

Apple releases Apple Watch OS 8
Portrait watch face

With Watch OS 8 you can also share photos from your watch with a few simple Taps. Focus Mode is also Available on Watch OS 8 for you to be in that correct moment. There are new Health & Fitness Features coming Like Tai chi workouts new Guest trainers in Apple fitness Plus App.

Apple Announced New Mac OS Monterey.

Mac OS Monterey brings all the Facetime features which is present in the IO15 & the iPadOS. Focus mode, Quick notes and other improvements have also been added to the Mac OS Monterey. Airplay is now Available with Monterey.

Mac OS now has a unique feature called Universal Control. This feature lets you work across all your apple devices Seamlessly. Specifically your iPad, you can use your Mac’s Mouse or track pad between you iPad Automatically. Everything just flows from one device to another. You can drag content & links from one device to Another & there is no setup required, It just works!

Apple announced Universal Control for Mac OS Monterey

Shortcuts is now coming to Mac’s. You can now create Shortcuts just like the iPhones. It is pretty exciting to see how people will Adapt the Shortcut feature with the Mac. Spatial Audio is now Available with MacOS Monterey.

Safari on the Mac OS received a Huge update. There is a new look and fell for the TAB bar, which takes on the colour theme of the specific website which you are browsing. A new Re-Designed floating tabs with a more streamlined approach to how you browse the Web. Safari now has Tab groups by sorting out all the thousand of pages you have opened at a time. This is done by Categorizing like Travel, Food, Music etc, And you can even edit the Tools bars based on your Convenience. All the above features of safari has been implemented throughout the Ecosystem of Safari.

Apple has Announced the spatial Audio & Apple Digital Master feature will be Available to All the Subscribers without any Additional cost. The feature will start to Roll out with latest update IOS14.6 Lossles Audio will bring the best quality Audio for the listeners which is almost update to the level of studio Quality.

Apple music Spatial Audio

With over 90 Million songs on the Music App, Almost all the songs will be Available with the above features. Airpods series 2, Airpods Pro & Airpods Max are the devices which are compatible with the above features for Apple Music. All the Apple devices which has h1 chip can also play Spatial Audio.

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