The goal of Advertising your Product/Service is to get Attention. In order to get the Attention you need Content, And without content, you cannot Market anything. When a brand can get quality attention and quality leads through content, They don’t need advertising. You can advertise your content instead of your product. Quality Content marketing builds trust in the Market. Advertising does not build trust, Though people may click on your Ads, They will land on your website to check your content. Media company’s who just sell ads will eventually die. There are options to block ads, People don’t like interruptive Ads. People want to consume content because they are looking for content & not ads. Before we get deep into Content writing, Let us first understand why Human presence in Content marketing is very important?

Why Personal Brand Is Important In Content Marketing?

Every brand needs to have a story to tell. People don’t trust logos, They trust the personal brand behind the Logo. People want to listen to people, Everybody is dependent on Human Touch.

Personal Brand Importance in Content writing

Elon Musk has a bigger following base than Tesla & SpaceX. He has a bigger follower base in Twitter compared to the Followers base his Company has. When we think of Apple, Steve Jobs comes to our mind. Though Apple is already the Richest company in the world, People still say, If Steve jobs were live, The company would have been on a bigger stage with better products. This is the impact of a Personal Brand. The brand’s LaunchPad will always be a personal brand. When personal Brand provides content to their Brand through their journey, The chances of the Brand building a loyal customer base is very high. This is because people will get inspired through the content. Tesla Has never done any Ad Campaigns.

Paid Ads’ won’t build trust, Nor they will have a story to tell. Though many Ad creatives focus on the right call to action, Without trust or going through the website content nobody will buy your Product/Service.

Subscription-based content marketing is the best way to sell your Product/Service. People will not trust by just seeing Ads or just by clicking on them. Building trust in the market takes time & with constant interaction. Subscription-based content will help you to keep your audience updated on your latest Product/Service and eventually build trust in them with your quality content. SUBSCRIPTION-BASED CONTENT MEANS CONTENT BECOMES THE PRODUCT. The content which you create today should have value 4 years down the lane. When people spend more time on your content, More the chance of purchasing your product.

Content is forever. As i said above, The content which is created today should have a value 3 to 4 years down the lane. Ads are based on present business needs. Ads are advertised based on the present business needs. There is no long-term goal for Ads. Since the process of content marketing is slow, There is not much of competition for it. Whereas anybody can set up a Facebook campaign. Content marketing is not just about one article, The collection of articles builds the Brand presence.

Writing, Blogging & Growth in the Audience is a slow process. Every aspect of content marketing is slow. It is the Roots the grow slowly. But once it grows Deep, The world will notice.

Content marketing will give a human touch. People can write content like starting a conversation, The more easy & understandable it is the better for the audience to understand.

Content Creation Ideas

Content writing starts with thoughts and Experience. Thoughts can become conversations, You can talk to your friends, Mentors or your Boss. These conversations become notes. In fact, most of my articles on my website are based on the conversations which I have with my friends & Mentors. I blog about the latest trend in Tech, Music & Marketing. I write down a lot of points which is valuable for my Blog. My notes become my blog posts. Your blog post can become videos. In the long-run goal, Am planning to start a youtube channel for My brand. Much valuable content from my website can be put in my Video content creation.

Create a Small community & Co-create content with them. Facebook groups, Blog Readers, Webinar Attendees. Your Audience Determine your Performance.

How to Distribute Content & Get Feedback.

Distribute Content Through Podcast – Podcast is a very effective way to do content marketing. As i said above, People want to listen to people. Bring out the plus points how does your product/service will help the customer in reaching their desired state from the present state. A brand’s voice is always better than a Brands Ad Creative.

Make Video From The Content – Video marketing has been booming in the Digital Industry. People trust more when they have Videos compared to Ad creative.

Use The Blog Post As an E-mail – The best way to communicate with your Audience is through E-mail. When compared to conversion rate with Ads, E-mail marketing has a bigger conversion base. At the same time, you can build trust with the Audience with instant communication. Use a series of Blog posts as Mini E-mail Course.

Youtube – Convert a series of blog posts into a Youtube playlist.

Above all get Feedback on all the Above platform & understand what the Audience want so that you can create content based on the Audience need.

Though Ad campaigns have some plus points in building Awareness in a quick time. Content marketing will be the Pillars for all the marketing and Advertising platforms.

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