With the Release of iPod in 2001, Apple revolutionized the music experience by putting a thousand songs in your pocket. Apple Music was launched in June 2015, And now has around 72 million subscribers across the globe. Apple Music is now packed with 75million songs, a Thousand of playlists with live Radio stations 24/7. Recently they launched the country Playlist which focuses mainly on the top trending tracks for that particular country. With the release of IO15 right around the corner, Apple announced the teaser of Spatial audio with the feature of DOLBY ATMOS for Apple music. Though we don’t know the release date yet, There are rumors that the feature has already made its way to the video’s Catalog on the apple music App. Another huge plus point from this is the Feature is, it is available to all users at no additional cost.

Apple says it is making the biggest Advancement ever in the apple music sound quality with the release of Spatial Audio. With the release of spatial Audio, It benefits the Artists to create the best immersive Audio experience for their fans. What this means is that The subscribers will be benefitted from the best quality music which is almost up to the level of Studio quality releases. Apple says the song quality will be multidimensional sound clarity. 

I have been an Apple Music subscriber ever since it launched, with a personal view I have to say that I am more than excited to test out this feature. Before we get any further on the release, Let us first understand what is Spatial audio and the workflow of Dolby Atmos.

What is Spatial Audio On Apple Music ?

Spatial Audio involves 3 dimensions, Space- Including Behind above & below to the listeners. All these sounds are separated while playing together. To be very precise these sounds cover the overall 360 degree of your surrounding. For example lets say that you are watching a movie in a scene where a bullet has been fired and it passes from the left to right. In this case with the help of spatial audio, you can easily make out the sound traveling from the left to the right when you’r on spatial Audio. Or if an Aeroplane lands in the scene you can make out the sound passing from the top of your head to the bottom once it lands. Though I don’t know how well these features be applied to the songs or tracks. We have to wait until Apple releases.

According to Apple, The spatial audio and the Dolby Atmos feature will be automatically ( By Default) played once the feature is available. Users can play the above features with the Help of Airpods & Airpods max which has the latest H1 Chip or the W1. The feature is also available in the built in speakers of the Latest ipad, & Mac. Apple also said that they will be making a dedicated playlist curated only for Dolby Atmos tracks.

The feature will be available across all the Genres on Apple music, Hip-Hop, Country, Electronic etc. They are working closely with the Artist and record label producers to get the files ready for release. Dolby and Apple are working together to help artists, Musicians & Record producers to release all the upcoming tracks with all the feature of Dolby Atmos.

Apple Music will make a Catalog of more than 70 Million songs to be available in Lossless Audio. Where they are preserving every bit of the Original file of each tracks. As I said the outcome of this feature is that the listeners will be able to hear the studio quality output on their Airpods once the Feature is released.

Apple music spatial Audio

How do you Access Lossless Audio on Apple Music ?

To access Lossless Audio, Subscribers using the latest version of Apple music. You Can turn it on by going to settings – Music – Audio Quality.

According to Apple Most of the Audio files when streamed online losses its Data which is contained as the original file. With the release of Lossless Audio, Lossless is a type of compression which compresses that preserves all the Original data even when streamed online. With this, the users will have the fun of listening the original file of each Track with studio quality.

Apple has developed their own Losses compression technology called called the Apple lossless Codec.In Addition to this the whole Apple music library is now Coded with ALAC.

Apple has also released Apple digital master to deliver the highest quality recordings. While streaming the Lossless audio the over cellular or Wifi significantly use more data compared to the old files and downloading the same will occupy more storage on your iphone.

Apple Airpods, Airpods Max, & Beats Headphones use Apple AAC Codec to ensure excellent audio clarity while listening.

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