Am pretty sure you would know or would have heard about Digital Marketing in today’s times . From my experience and knowledge Digital Marketing has boomed in the Indian market from past 5 years. Every Tom dick & Harry is a Digital marketer now or they have their own Digital Marketing Agency. In my experience as a Digital marketer by Profession, i have shared some of thoughts and understandings on what matters in Digital Marketing. Before we get into the core of Digital Marketing where we talk about Funnels and Ads, Let’s have a view about the basics of Marketing.

What Matters In Marketing?

1) To whom am i Communicating ? ( The Target Audience )

2) What am i Communicating ? ( The Message )

3) Why am i Communicating ? ( The purpose )

Best Digital Marketing strategy to adapt in 2021

Your Audience is your Wealth. From the starting of Building the Awareness to the end where you make your customers transact to your product, Your audience will play a crucial role in the whole Funnel Journey. It is very important to make sure you have the right selected targeted Audience for your product/Service.

What am i Communicating? Your Message should be very straight forward to your Audience. The most important aspect here how you convey your message. This can be done by telling how your Product/Service will be problem solving to your Audience. You can make use of all the Social media platforms to drive and Awareness and convey the right message to the right targeted audience.

Why Am i Communicating? – This is where you make the mark. The Why in your Communication is what matters the most. The Why can be related to the Product Problem solving or How can it benefit the consumer in reaching their desired state from their present state.

I hope the above three points made sense to you on what matters the most in the field o Marketing. In this Article, I will be talking about two major Aspects, Surface Marketing & Deep Marketing.

What is Surface Marketing?

Have you come across the Ads when your watching a Video on Youtube? or when your reading an article on the website? Do you give attention to those types of Ads? Surface marketing tries to get your attention through interruption. These types of ads are mainly ignored by the consumer, Because it is not their intent. Let me brief of some examples for the above message,

When your watching a cricket match, Mainly IPL You are Interrupted with an Ad. When your browsing on Search engine you are interrupted with an Ad. I believe you can relate more scenario in which you may have come across where you have been interrupted with these type of ads. From all the above mentioned points you can make out that this is FORCED ATTENTION. In these type of cases the conversion will be very low and thus all the marketing efforts will be of no use and you will end by not getting the Return on Investment for you nor for your clients. You pay attention because it is difficult to ignore it, And you tolerate for a while which in directly is Low quality attention for the Ads. Such is the low quality attention which the Surface Marketing gets.

Best digital marketing strategy to adapt in 2021

Problems on Surface Marketing

Trust is not built with the Ads.

People cannot Re-call the Brands because of the Low quality Attention built during the Ads. And more ads you show, People tend to Ignore them.

Surface level Marketing tends to just promote on “What” is the product rather than “Why”. Poor quality attention is built.

The most important point i would like to convey is You cannot educate your Audience with interrupted Ads.

Now, you may ask me what is the solution for the same. The solution is DEEP Marketing!!

What is Deep Marketing? How to do Deep Marketing?

Deep marketing is what i am doing with you right now, If your still with me i have gained your attention for 3 min, And your nor complaining. And i believe you will give your attention to me for next few minutes to understand on what is Deep Marketing.

Deep Marketing – The better way to do Marketing in Today’s Age.

The Advantages of Deep Marketing

Connect with Audience in a Deeper level

Gain quality attention of the Audience with High Quality Content. ( What i am ding right now) With the help of blogs and E-mail marketing. Trust is built with the attention because, This attention is with consent.

The trust can be leveraged into convincing the customers to do the Transaction.

Deep marketing from a personal Brand will have more Impact, Because people don’t trust Logo’s, They trust a Personal Brand behind the Logo.

The Process Of Deep Marketing

Content marketing is the Key here. Getting people’s attention through High Quality content is the first step of Deep Marketing.

You understand the need of Audience, And create content for them without expecting anything from them in return in the initial stage. Leverage this high quality attention to build trust in your Audience.

You can leverage the build trust to request your audience to do a transaction and explain them on how your product/service will benefit them in the LongRun.

The CATT Marketing Funnel To help your Business Grow

For the Above added points on Deep marketing, The CATT marketing funnel will leverage the best results for you if adapted properly.

On the very beginning of the funnel you start with content which is your Product/Service. On next step you move forward with the attention by awareness by using necessary platform to promote your Product/Service. Once you have gained some attention you have to build trust in your Audience. This can be done though constant communication with your audience or by updating them on your latest installment in your Product/Service. I would strongly recommend E-mail Marketing for this stage of the funnel. E-mail is one the most formal way of communication and the chances of people reaching out to you through E-mail is very high compared to other communication platforms.Generate enquires related to the product & make sure you solve all their questions. At he end talk to the customer directly and convince them to purchase them.

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