Facebook ads is one of the most powerful tools for Advertising in 2021. With over 2.4 billion users globally on Facebook, it is the best Brand marketing platform for your small business. If you’re looking for awareness, Building your targeted audience for your small business, Facebook can be the best Advertising platform for your small business.

The difference between Facebook ads and Google ads is, On Facebook, you find the customers for your business, Whereas on google your target audience are already looking for you via Google search engine. On Facebook ads, you target based on Audience interest & Demographics, and on Google, you targeted based on Keyword research. With over so many Facebook ads campaigns on the Facebook advertising platform, you may ask which is the best Facebook Ad campaign goal for your business? Well, that depends on your Product/Service and your Marketing goal. Before we understand the perfect Ad campaign goal for your business, let’s have a view on all the types of the Facebook ad campaign.

What Are The Types Of Facebook Ads in 2021?

Facebook Ad Campaigns mainly come under three categories. They are Awareness, Consideration & Conversion. It is very important to choose the right campaign goal for your business at the beginning. To start off for all the small businesses, it is highly recommended to start with the Awareness first. Once your brand has a considerable amount of Awareness on the Facebook platform you can move ahead with the consideration campaigns. If your getting quite a good amount of engagement for your Ads your next goal will be the Conversion campaign. Facebook ads are all about following the Right Marketing funnel. Now let us understand the three stages of Facebook ads.

The Awareness Stage of Facebook Ads

Brand Awareness Campaign – As the name itself says this campaign is all about making awareness or Giving intense promotion to your Business. This campaign Show your ads to people who are most likely to remember your brand.

Reach Campaign – This campaign shows your Ad Copy to the maximum number of People. Let’s say If you’re running a Workshop in your town and you want your workshop to be heard by a maximum number of people in your city who are on Facebook this campaign will be your goal.

The Consideration Stage of Facebook Ads.

It is highly recommended to take the consideration campaign when you have run the Awareness for quite a lot of time. Consideration can be termed when your audience is familiar with your brand and is on the verge of building trust with your brand. This is the middle stage of the marketing funnel. In this stage, it is important to make your Audience familiar with your product service. Under consideration, we have 6 campaign goals which mainly focusses on your expectation from the Campaign.

Traffic Campaign – This campaign goal mainly focuses on sending people ( Your Target Audience ) to the right destination. The destination can be your Website, App, Facebook page or group, Landing page, and many more. All you have to do is provide the link of your destination source in the Ad stage of your Campaign.

Engagement Campaign – This campaign is all about making your audience take an action on your Ad copy. This can be to get more page likes or post reactions, comments, and shares to your post.

App Install Campaign – If your goal is to get more App install, This campaign mainly focuses on showing your ads to people who are most likely to download and engage with your app.

Video Views Campaign – This campaign is pretty simple. This campaign will mainly focus on showing your video to your Target Audience.

Lead Generation Campaign – This is one of the most popular campaigns on the Facebook ads platform. Lead generation campaign mainly focuses on generating leads for your business. The lead refers to the information of the user such as E-mail & Phone number. There are two types of Lead gen campaigns on Facebook. One is the Instant form & Landing page.

Message Campaign – This campaign will mainly be Aimed at showing your Ads that allow the Facebook audience to engage with you on Messenger, Whatsapp, or Instagram Direct.

The Conversion Stage Of Facebook Ads

The conversion stage is all about your target audience taking an action. This stage is the end of the Marketing funnel. People only take action on your Product/Service only when you have made Awareness & built trust in your Audience. There are mainly 3 campaigns under Conversion.

Conversion Campaign – This campaign will show your ads to the people who are more likely to take an action on your Product/service. This can be purchasing your product, Adding payment info & Downloading your App.

Catalog Sales Campaign – You can showcase a number of products as a Catalog Ad for your targeted audience. This campaign is mainly focused on products. Catalog sales also help driving more Awareness for your Products.

Store Traffic Campaign – Your Ad will show up to people who are likely to visit your physical store when they are near them.

Now that we have covered all the types of Facebook ads, It is important to follow the marketing funnel while you create and strategies for all the above campaigns.

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The CATT Marketing funnel will help you in getting the ROI spent on your Facebook Ads

Catt Marketing funnel for Facebook Ads

For a New Business, it is important to start your Facebook ads campaign with the goal of Awareness. This will be your Attention stage in the CATT funnel. Once you have leveraged Good attention for your Product/Service You can start generating inquiries for your brand. This can be done through a lead gen campaign. In this stage, you build trust in your Audience. The transaction is the final stage of the funnel. After generating leads from your Facebook ads talk to the customer and convenience them to buy.

Above all your Product/Service plays a very important role in driving the return on investment spent on your Facebook Ads campaign. A simple example- If your product is worth 60K and if you are pouring 10k on Facebook ads and you generate 10 leads per day. Out of 10 leads if one lead converts your ROI is done.

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