Landing pages are a platform where advertisers collect the leads of their potential customers through a paid campaign or through the organic method of lead generation. It is a page where people land after clicking on a post where the user will provide their information to the business. The aim of a landing page is to capture the information of potential buyers of the business product or it can be a subscription model for a digital magazine. The landing page serves a specific goal when compared to the home page of the website.

What Is a Landing Page ?

A landing page is a Single page where people land after clicking on specific content. The content can be from social media, E-mail, Paid campaigns, or Organic methods. A good converting landing page is an asset that can be used for the long term. The landing page contains lead magnets that not only have a specific call to action but also a Mini form where people fill in other details.

The better the match between the Ad Copy and the landing page, The better the conversion ratio on the landing page. Usually, 90% of the traffic which is driven to the landing page is through paid campaigns. For a high conversion rate on the landing page, the Ad copy of the paid campaign plays an important role. The more the match between the Ad copy and the Landing page the better the conversion on the landing page.

The goal of the landing page has to be focused on one specific action rather than too many options. The researchers call it the “Paradox of choice”. The more CTA you have on the landing page, The less in the conversion. The user will be diverted and he cannot focus on one CTA. For example, you have an E-commerce store and your running Facebook ads for your E-commerce website. It is better to build a landing page for one separate product and drive traffic to that landing page instead of driving traffic to the home page of the website.

What Is The Difference Between Home Page & Landing Page?

The home page has a lot of content & links and it is more focused on driving awareness instead of conversion for the product. The landing page has fewer links & one specific call to action and is aimed at getting a lead or conversion for the product.

The home page is mainly focused on content where it allows users to navigate to all the sections of the website. The home page has a lot of jobs to do often compared to the landing page. A lead magnet is a key to a perfect landing page. With one specific call to action, the landing page can trigger a good conversion rate when compared to the home page.

Many people who visit your home page will not be having a mindset of buying your product/service. When you have people coming to your landing page they have already shown interest in your product and in the mindset of making an action that is to buy your product/service.

What Are The Types Of Landing Pages ?

Each Landing page is built for a specific goal and the goal depends upon your product service. According to the industry standards, there are two types of landing pages.

Landing Page based on Lead Generation

Landing Page for Click-Through

Lead Generation Landing page mainly focuses on capturing the Data of a potential customer who might be your converting customer in the future. It is one of the most leveraged landing page strategies for business. The data can be the Phone Number, E-mail & the name of the customer. Lead generation is one of the core activities for any business organization. Once you the data they are your customers for life. You can upsell your product/service for them once they are familiar with your business.

Performance marketing and Paid campaigns are the most used for lead generation through landing pages. It can be also installed on websites where you have a specific call to action button after your blog post and people can land on your lead page inside your website and fill the form.

Click-Through landing pages direct users to the next step. By clicking the call to action button redirects your users to a page where they can complete your desired action.

For Example – Click on the call to action button “Schedule a Demo” will take users to the scheduling page. The “Order Now” button will take the user to the checkout page. Click-through landing pages are mostly found on E-commerce websites. Product details or user testimonials/ Customer Satisfaction are mostly found on these pages.

How To Build The Best Converting Lading Page ?

Am pretty sure now you know the difference between a Landing page and a Home page. Each page has its own importance but the best practice for a converting landing page is mainly done through your content that is your lead magnet.

Make sure Your Ad Copy and the Landing Page have Relevance – Ad copy is the gateway for people to fall in your landing page. The content which you provide in your Ad copy must be very relevant to your landing page. This can include the theme, Content & some personal brand images, and the Right Call to Action. If your Ad copy and Landing page have no relevance people will lose their trust will drop the action. This is mainly in Human behavior.

Keep Your Landing page Simple – Have just one call to action button on the page. Provide information about your product/service in a direct way. Explain the value of what your offering through your product/service. Have an eye-catching headline on the top of the landing page. Play with the emotions with your headline.

Make sure your Landing page is fast in loading. If the page takes more time to load it is very likely that people will close the tab. You can make use of some page speed test tools like GTMetrix & Google Page Speed insights

If your collecting leads for a personal brand then write a little about yourself and your achievements on the landing page. Put a small photo of yourself preferably a photo in an event where you’re addressing the crowd. This type of content will build trust in the audience’s mind and the chances of them turning as a lead are very high. You can even deliver messages via a video on your Landing page for a better conversion rate.

For product sales, you can make use of product photos are videos of the product with the benefits of the products pointwise. You can have a review section of your customers.

Every unique Landing page has an opportunity to get a number of leads. There is no limit to how many landing pages you can have on your website. The strategy here is simple, The more Landing pages you have the more in conversion. Focus on different CTA for each Landing page. This will stop the bombardment between your landing pages on your website. To learn more about how to generate leads to your landing page Click Here

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