They say if you love what you do, you will never be working a single day in your life.

Shrinidhi believed the same and he worked hard to make his passion into profession.

With passion in Marketing & Music, Shrinidhi started his career in 2019 in the field of marketing. He is a good communicator, good listener & tech geek. His passion for technology & music has made him what he is today. He discovered Digital marketing in late 2019 and learnt with one of the best of the best digital marketers in India with Deepak Kanakaraju. The one thing which triggered him to learn digital marketing is the conversion & impression game in the Digital platform. He believes social media is huge platform and has given voice to everybody to share their thoughts.

As a freelancer, Shrinidhi has helped many local & upcoming artists in promoting their music for a larger and targeted audience. He has taken part in many event management & Nightlife entertainment to promote their business goals through digital media. Many of his clients call him the Master of “Lead generation”.

Shrinidhi has helped many upcoming small business sell their unique products online through Digital marketing. He has helped many upcoming café’s and startups build their Brand presence in the market.

Shrinidhi strongly believes every aspect around the world has to start through Marketing.

From physical product to software, everything revolves under marketing.

He says “If there is no transaction, there is no Conversion”.

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