iPhone 12 launch date is right around the corner

The Apple iPhone is one of the most successful product sold in the history of mobile era, & its next generation launch,The iphone 12 is right around the corner.

Routinely apple schedules its hardware event in September of every year, but due to the the current Covid-19 crisis, apple will be having an virtual (Pre-recorded) event for this years launch of its next gen phone, the iPhone 12.

As we have already entered the month of September, We can expect the launch anytime soon & we would guess its just right around the corner.

According to the leaks by Bloomberg, just like last year, Apple will be launching 3 new iPhone models which will be the successor to the Iphone 11 and Iphone 11Pro & Iphone 11pro max.

Apple is said to have brought back the design of Iphone 5 to its latest models iphone 12. The iphone 5 & 5s had a boxy design which gave a luxury look and comfort in the hands of the users. The design of the Iphone 4 & 5 models was a huge strike in the market for Apple and it was the most sold & liked models for the apple fans.

This is a prototype of the Iphone 12 model

The product will be having a metal frame for the outer layer just like the iPhone 5. Apple has adapted the same design for it’s latest iPad Pro.

Iphone 12 will be the first model to bring in the 5G game for the iphone. According to the leaks Apple is said to bring the 5G feature for the Pro models.

Surprisingly, according to the leaks all iPhone models of 2020 will feature an oled screen, where as in the previous year, only the pro models featured the oled screen. The resolution will be 120Hz of all the models.

Iphone 12 box without adapter and earpods ?

Hell no, If the leaks are accurate according to Bloomberg, This year apple will not add the brick adapter & the earpods with the box.

That’s really disappointing, but we have been used to these changes from apple since 2016 as they discontinued the headphone jack from iphone 7.

Apple will be only providing the lightning cable in the box with iphone 12 models.

According to the leaks, We can make out this year models wont posses any leap forward features. But then, Apple is know for surprising its Loyal customers with their eccentric marketing skill for their hardware market.

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