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How To Start a Career in Digital Marketing in 2023? Full Guide

Digital Marketing is more than a Career today. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field that is essential for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. If you’re interested in starting a career in digital marketing, you’re in luck. I believe you have heard the term Digital Marketing in every nook and corner. It’s not just the brands that need Digital marketing today, Even people looking to brand themselves, ( Personal Branding ) need Digital Marketing.

With so much potential to the term, I would say Digital marketing is definitely a skill that every individual should have in today’s generation. Another massive potential of this segment is you can choose to have a full-time job as a Digital marketer or to be a Freelancer. Sounds interesting? Let me dig in more deeply for you. I will also give a step-by-step guide on getting a Digital Marketing job if you are fresher.

How do get a Digital Marketing job for freshers?

As I said Digital marketing is seen more as a skill today. With my experience as a Digital marketer, you need to have a portfolio for yourself. A platform where you have implemented digital marketing for yourself or in some instances where you have got good results for your clients.

If you are thinking to apply for jobs in Digital Marketing, Startups should be your bull’s eye. In fact, in India, almost all startups require digital marketing.

Startups have a very fast phased environment. They need people with skill sets. Meaning, People who can get the job done on the first day itself. Since the business is still evolving, The founders expect a little more from you. This is where you have to fill the gap as a fresher. Not many startups in India hire & train employees. They seek a go-getter attitude. But, what if you are just a college fresher? I have an answer for you.

The first step is to start building your portfolio on all the Digital platforms. I would highly recommend you have your own website. Having a website for yourself is more like having authority on the web & that’s how you differentiate yourself from other resumes. WordPress is a great platform to get started in the field of Website development. You can watch a ton of Youtube videos to get started. To know more on how to build your website CLICK HERE.

If you are having trouble figuring out what to start your website on? How to choose the topic for what you want to start blogging on? Click here for the solution.

Having a broad Niche will help you in content creation. Which in return will help you in getting more traffic to your website. End of the day it is not just having a website, It’s about how much traffic are you bringing to the website. Most importantly organic traffic. You can buy domain names from Godaddy. It is a simple process. And also buy good hosting from Namecheap.

Performance Marketing is also one of the very important skill sets for a Digital marketer today. Performance-based advertising is where the advertiser only pays the advertising platform when an action is taken on his Ad. All the ads which you see on your social media platform come under performance marketing.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Linkedin Ads are the 3 major platforms where major performance marketing is leveraged. You can learn about all the 3 Ads platforms through Youtube.

Have a social media page. Have the same name as your website domain name on the profile/page. It will be more like taking your brand to social media channels. Start posting content frequently & be consistent. You will see good results eventually.

Stay updated with all the latest trends currently happening in the industry by domain experts. Below are some of the experts who have made a mark in the Digital marketing industry. Subscribe to their e-mail list to get more regular insights.

  1. Neil Patel
  2. Deepak Kanakaraju ( Digital Deepak )
  3. Vibhav Sisinty

The next step is how you present your Portfolio. In every stage which you have built till now, Take a screenshot or snap of the good outcome which has come from your projects. Create a portfolio like a Presentation and not a resume. Add photos of the live projects which you were part of, Like mentoring a group of people, Heading a workshop, etc.

It is recommended to create a minimum of 4 to 6 slides of your portfolio. Prepare the content as a storyline. Start from where you started and how you have come till here & include the outcome of your hard work at each level. This will not just show your work or experience to the recruiter, But also the way you have presented it. Storytelling is the key today, not just to get your job, But also to sell your product/service.

Before going to the interview, Think of selling yourself to the recruiter. You are the product and what are the USPs which you have in yourself? Present those points in the interview process. Unless you sell yourself, you won’t be a good salesman. Digital marketing is all about doing sales in the beginning. Unless you convert a client, How will you do digital marketing for him?

Sales will be an integral part of your life. To have the skill of sales, you need to have to skill of communication and Understanding people’s mindsets. I would highly recommend having the skill of sales along the way as you build your skill in Digital marketing too. Build Decision Making as a Skill.

The strategy will be one of the most prominent parts of your Digital marketing journey. Strategy is more like the plan of action which you will have for your client. It is very important to make sure you have your client on a retainer basis. A retainer is where your clients pay you on a monthly basis. To have this in your bucket, Strategy is very much necessary. Every month you need to give your client a new plan of action so that they will be happy enough to be on the retainer with you.

The main takeaway from the strategy will be the return on investment. You should calculate this on a priority basis. Below are some of the ROI which can be tracked in Digital marketing based on the client’s requirements. If at the client has a product, The ROI can be tracked on the number of sales the product has made through the marketing campaigns. If they are seeking ROI in the digital methodologies below are some listed.

Social Media ROI – The ROI of social media can be tracked by two main metrics. No followers and engagement. Getting followers may not be a headache for you but getting the engagement definitely is the one to be considered. The only reason brands do social media is for the brands’ presence or I may call it brand building. This will take quite some time if you are focusing on organic growth. With this having a strategic plan on how you will improve the followers and engagement rate is very important when you prepare the strategy.

ROI on Performance Marketing – Performance-based advertising is one of the most popular segments in digital marketing today. The advertiser will be charged a certain amount for every action that will be taken on the ad they advertise. Keeping track of all the Ad spends is very important. There are a lot of automation tools that help you keep these records. But, When you pitch a new performance Marketing report to the client, The strategy which you will prepare is very important. Keep an Excel sheet on the daily spending on your campaign so that you get a good idea of what is the outcome at the end of the month.

Content creation / Content Writing – Am pretty sure you have heard the phrase “Content is the King”. And yes, Content creation is one of the keys you need to have in the field of digital marketing. Without content, you cannot market anything. There are many platforms in digital media to create content. Short videos are one of the most popular content platforms for today’s digital industry. Though content can be of any form, What matters here is, how well your target audience is actually responding to it. Either by liking/ Commenting/ Sharing the post or giving their details to you as a lead or visiting your website. Structuring content is one of the most important aspects of your Digital marketing career. With this, you also need to know each digital platform requires different types of content. The more you play the better you understand.

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