How To Extract Email from Linkedin in 2021

One of the most prominent features of Linkedin is the E-mail Extractor. It is also one of the most powerful features for reaching out to high authority people. In this article, I will tell all the Tips & Tricks for the Linkedin Email Extractor and spill some tools you want to apply for the result. In the beginning, it is very important to make sure you have the right target audience. Target helps you in reaching out to the right audience and helps in the expected conversion rate.

I highly recommend you take to make a list of the companies you want to reach out to. Make a list of people you want to reach out to in that particular company or organization. It can be the Talent Acquisition team/Marketing Team/ Accounts Team and many more. I hope you get the difference between the two points which I have mentioned above. Once you are clear with your target audience you can start your Linkedin E-mail Prospect haunting.

The Advantages of Linkedin Email Extractor

Reaching out to people directly is one of the most powerful ways to get your message heard across the top-level prospects in your Targeted company. It is also a professional way of reaching out to people because you are communicating with them in a professional way through their Domain E-mail. There are thousands of advantages of Linkedin E-mail extractor based on what is your necessity, Am going to point of some major advantages below.

If you are Looking for a Job – This is one of the most common yet most demanding queries in the market. Instead of posting your resume in the job portal where already thousands of resumes are already dumped and it is very hard to get your resume rolled under the eyes of the Recruiter. The LinkedIn E-mail extractor will help you in reaching out to the Talent Acquisition team directly and you can directly make an impact on the Recruiter.

If You Are Looking To Generate B2B Leads – Linkedin is one of the most leveraged platforms for the B2B Lead Generation. But, Am giving you the strategy to generate leads for Free. Yes, Let me tell the how’s here. One of the most common ways to generate leads on Linkedin is only by advertising is what you know but, You can even generate leads by getting their domain E-mail.

If your looking to expand your business or get more referrals or have your Startup name get more attention from your Targeted Audience, a Linkedin E-mail extractor will help you in all the workflow process by not even spending one penny. Getting excited? Wait for it as I give more surprises when you go below.

I have just given the example two situations but then there can be a lot of needs for the E-mail extractor based on your needs. So with that note let’s get started on tools that are mostly used for the E-mail Extraction methods.

Tools For Linkedin E-mail Extractor

Get Prospect.io

Rocket Reach


The above two mentioned tools are one of the most prominent tools for the Linkedin E-mail Finder. There are many other tools to extract the E-mail but, The above-mentioned tools have been doing great for me. Get proppect.io is one of the best tools for recommendation.

To get the Get prospect.io you need a Domain verified E-mail and it is completely free. Another advantage of the tool is that you get the option to extract the E-mail right beside the Linkedin profile, unlike other tools where you have to go to the Website and then put on the prospect name. Get prospet.io has a very simple UI where you can navigate on your latest extractions and it automatically segregates the E-mail based on the Company they are from, City, Job Title & obviously E-mail.

How to Extract E-mail from GetProspect.io

When you log in with your Domain E-mail with Getprospect.io you will be taken to the Dashboard and you can even add the Chrome extension. To add the chrome extension, Go the extension section on the Website and click on Add Extension. Once you add the Extension you can find the get E-mail section in the LinkedIn platform.

If you go to a specific account on Linkedin from whom you have to extract the E-mail, On the right extreme side after the more button, you will find the Get E-mail button with the GetProspect Logo in it. All you have to do is click on the E-mail button and the tool automatically generates the E-mail for you.

How to extract Email from Linkedin in 20201

As you can see in the Above image, There are is a button on the right corner side that says Get email with the Getprospect.io Logo. Once the email has been generated it will be automatically added to your Dashboard.

Once you land on the Dashboard of Getpropect.io. All the E-mail which you have extracted will be indicated with a colour icon on the left side of the E-mail. There are basically 3 colours. “Silver, Yellow & Green”. If the E-mail has a green icon, It is a certifies E-mail and if it has a Yellow icon, It indicates that the E-mail may be correct or not. ( You have to do the Reach out trial to find out ). If the colour is silver, The E-mail is not verified.

It is important to make sure you are extracting E-mails from a higher authority person. So that you get the verified E-mail and you will be able to reach out to them.

How To Extract E-mail from Rocket Reach?

Compared to Getpropect, Rocket reach has a better workflow in the E-mail extraction methods. They have real-time verified data of 450 + Million professionals, Across 17 million companies. All you have to do is add the Rocket reach chrome Extension and you’re done. Rocket reach is a paid tool but, you can extract a pretty good amount of E-mail In the first 30 days trial period.

Once you are done with the profile setup in the Rocket reach dashboard, go to the Chrome store and add the extension and pin it in the above section on your Google Chrome browser. You can even add the extension from their website. The E-mail Extraction process is below.

Go to the company website ( In the chrome browser ) from which you want to extract the E-mail. Once you land on the company home page, Click on the Rocket reach extension and it will show you all the Available E-mails from that Particular domain. It also shows the total number of E-mail available in that particular domain.

Snove.io is also very similar to the Rocket Reach workflow in getting the E-mail extraction process. You need to add the chrome plugin on your Google chrome Dashboard and once you land on the desired Website from which you want to extract the E-mail, the plugin will automatically show the number of E-mail available for that particular domain.

With Snove.io you can make custom E-mail segregation based on the Company or the designation. Let’s say you are extracting E-mail from only the HR team from PayPal company, You can make a custom group for that particular E-mail extraction & make another for Marketing team extraction from that particular company. This will help you have a particular E-mail dashboard extraction dashboard for each category.

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