It’s been quite sometime now since we heard some good music from the American DJ duo. The rumors suggest that they have been keeping a low profile from December 2019 and hence cooking up some dope upcoming tracks for their fans. The last album released by the chainsmokers was World War Joy which was released on December 2019. These tracks are some of my favorites and every time i listen to them i still get goosebumps. The chainsmokers made an impact in the EDM industry in the year 2014 with their breakthrough track SELFIE which was was awarded with seven billboard music awards. The chainsmokers were the highest paid artist in the year 2019 elevating above Calvin Harris. Am pretty sure every songs i have listed here holds a thousand memories for each and every chainsmoker fans. Lets get those nostalgia memories back.

1. The Chainsmokers Don’t Let Me Down Ft Daya

Don’t let me down became their first top 5 single on the Billboards chart for the year 2016 & won the grammy award for the Best dance record. The song along produced with American singer Daya. The track is best known for its insane drop sound’s and the lyrics. The songs has got more than 1.6 billion views as of today on Youtube.

2. The Chainsmokers Closer Ft Halsey

Am pretty sure you know the whole lyrics for this tracks don’t you? Featuring American singer and song writer Halsey, Closer became the first no 1 song on the Billboard chart for the year 2016. This songs is a part of Duo’s EP “Collage”. The tracks has got more than 2.6 Billion views on Youtube.

3. The Chainsmokers & Cold Plat Something Just Like This

With a world wide hit crossing more than 2 Billion views on Youtube, With collaboration with the British band Cold play. The above tracks still trends as the most Streamed track of the chainsmokers. The live show by both the artist at the BRIT’s in the year 2016 made the crowd go bonkers.

4. The Chainsmokers Sick Boy

In the above song Andrew Taggart brings unique voice to the track and his inner patriotism from his country. The track has huge popularity for the lyrics which mainly focuses on GenZ.

5. The Chainsmokers, Illenium – Takeaway Ft. Lennon Stella

One of the idiosyncratic Tracks by the the chainsmokers & Illenium, The songs boost’s with Future House drops along side the voice of Canadian artist Lennon stella.

6. The Chainsmokers, Aazar – Get Down

Though Chainsmokers were more the pop genre of Music, This tracks bring’s Trap energy involving a Hard Trap Bass and High energetic Synth sounds which were played by many artist on the live event and shows.


Though we have seen a halt on all the live performance across the globe sine 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I have listed one my personal best Live performance by the chainsmokers.

1. The chainsmokers live at Tomorrowland 2019

Bringing on the Jaw dropping Performance by the artist, The live performance took the Belgium crowd demented. Located in the city Boom, Belgium tomorrowland is one of the worst most popular music festival.

2. The Chainsmokers Live At Ultra Miami 2019

Located in the South beach of Miami Florida, Ultra Music festival is one among those festival’s which makes world tour bringing the Top performing Artists. The Chainsmokers took over the night show at the main stage bringing the Madness with live performance by many pop & Hip hop artists.

3. The Chainsmokers Live At Ultra Miami 2016

This is one by Personal Favourite & one the best Kick ass Live Performance By The Chainsmokers. 2016 was huge year for them where many of their tracks elevated to new Hight’s bringing the top class World Record’s.

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