How To Get Quality Leads From Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is one of the most used platform for lead generation. The hard reality is anybody can run Facebook ads. It is all about 10 to 15 clicks if you have your content ready. But the question is, Is your Facebook ads giving you the expected ROI ( Return on Investment). Are the ads meeting your expectation? Are you getting a good amount of leads? Is your Cost per lead getting lower?.

Everything I mentioned now is one of the basic metrics of Facebook ads. It is not just about doing your Facebook campaign, It is about analyzing the campaign on how can you improve the campaign performance. Since the overall Facebook marketing depends on Machine learning and Facebook algorithms. There is nothing much a campaign manager can do manually to bring better results to the campaign. But, With the given data you can make future campaign decisions on how can you improve the Facebook ads campaign for better results in the future.

If you’re looking to build your performance marketing skill and improve your Facebook ads strategy, This article will help you in reaching your desired state from your current state. So let’s get into the actual point rather than starting from the bottom.

How To Build Strategic Creatives For Facebook Ads?

Your content will be your first asset to gain quality leads in Facebook ads. Your product will be the next big thing for you to consider. Content is the root of all attention. So your content comes first. But, you may ask what’s the big deal with content? Let me give you the best content strategy to get started.

Build Story Telling In Your Ad Copy’s To Attract The Eye balls

Storytelling is the key here. You need to play with the emotions of the people to attract quality leads for your Facebook ads. What I mean by playing with the emotion here is to start your Ad copies with a pain point of the Consumers. The ultimate goal of product marketing is how your product is solving the problems of the consumer?

For Example – Let’s say you’re running the business of selling a Digital Marketing course. As you know there are thousands of people who are into the same game. How can you stand out in the large market for the same product?

The first step is to start with the competitor’s research to have an idea of what other agencies are leveraging in the Facebook ads game. Based on the Re-Search, make a report and understand each Digital agency’s USP ( Unique Selling Proposition). Based on the report, Design your USP and be very different from what others are offering. This will again depend on your Product. Customize your product based on what the market needs.

I would highly recommend you to leverage Facebook Carousel ads if you want to get in the storytelling game in your Facebook ads Campaigns. With a minimum of 4 to 5 Ad creatives, you can leverage tapping the consumer pain points to get quality leads on Facebook ads. The take here is the more the consumer spends time on your content the better quality of the leads.

How To Create Facebook Carousel Ads ?

You can start with the pain points such as “Worried about Investing in the best digital Marketing Course?”. This can be your first pain point. ( This is purely based on one of my strategy which I leverage on my client’s Performance ads). Based on your product you can decide and come up with the pain points of your customers. For the first Ad creative start with the paint point.

In the Second creative point out your USP. How is your product better than other sellers who are in the same game. You can say we have a Customized Digital Marketing course for your convenience. This will catch hold of the eyeballs of the consumer. Usually, people are used to scrolling more around the ads if they are very eye-catchy. It is up to you to decide on your USP based on your product.

In the third creative, Showcase something which you are giving out for free. It can be an E-Book on digital marketing guide. It can also be a Free LMS Acces (If you have one). People tend to connect more when you showcase something which you are giving out for free. Make your FREE product stand out in the Ad creative so that it is catchy enough for the consumer.

On the fourth creative you can bring out Student testimonials. Student testimonials are one of the most important creative which you can leverage in your Facebook ads campaign. Most importantly it builds trust and brings pretty good Awareness to your content. you can even put out your course content on the number of classes covered with the live project or if your offering internship to your students you can add that as well. These are some of the most important metrics which can be added to the Ad copies.

How To Build Different Ad Sets In Facebook Ads?

Once your Content is ready you can add them to the Ad sets of Facebook ads Campaigns. If you have 2 sets of creatives and if you are planning to add them to the same campaign, You can make two ad sets for the same campaign and post both the sets of creatives to the same campaign.

To build different Ad sets on the Facebook ads manager dashboard.

Go to the Ad level in your Facebook ads campaign

Click on Duplicate Ad ( Control + Shift + D )

Your previous Ad set will be duplicated with the same Creatives and Headlines.

Change the creatives on the Carousel Ad.

After you change the Ad creatives make sure you have correct Headlines and if you insist you put different Headlines to try out the outcomes for each ad set. Make sure you publish each Ad set separately so that it delivers accordingly with the overall Campaign.

How To Get the Best Headlines For You Facebook Ads?

Your headline is one of the most important metrics which people see in your Ad Copies. Make sure to bring out all the USP you have in your product for each headline creatives. The best example I can give for this is to talk to yourself. What made you click on some of the Facebook ads while you were scrolling. Think from the consumer perspective and make sure your headlines are simple and readable for the People.

Do not complicate your headlines. Keep it simple. Think like a common man on how would he search on google for something he is looking for. Your ad creatives can have some comprehensive text and theme but keep your headline simple. But keep in mind to think like a common man for your overall campaign goal. Do not complicate too much.

Once your Headline is ready pick your Call To Action button. This is also one of the most important parts of your Ad sets. Have the right Call to action for your product. If you’re selling a Digital Product where you want the consumer to ask for more information about your product keep the call to action as “LEARN MORE”. If you’re generating leads for a webinar keep the Call to action as “Sign Up”.

How To Analyze Your Facebook Ads Campaign For Better Results?

Now that you are done with the content creation for your Facebook Campaign. Let your Ad Campaign run for a minimum of 14 days for it to cross the Learning period. The learning period is the time Taken by Facebook to understand your campaign performance. In these 14 days, time facebook understands your campaign goal along with your Targeted Audience and your Ad placement in the Facebook Ad Platforms.

Once you start getting some quality outcomes from the campaign it is time to analyze your campaign for better results. What exactly do I mean by Analyze? Have a look into the performance of the campaign daily. Maintain a Data Tracker where you keep track of all the metrics such as the number of impressions, Number of clicks, and the number of leads. All these daily data will help you in making a future decision for your campaign.

Go to the “View charts” section which will come under each of your campaigns. The view charts will help you in getting most of your Campaign performance data. This chart gives you the data about the number of people reached, Demographics, Ad platforms, Amount spent on ads & Cost per lead on your Ad campaign. What do you have to Analyze in this?

Have a look at where are getting the most leads from. If you’re getting more leads from Instagram, You might as well consider unchecking some of your Facebook Ad serving platforms since you not getting good results from it. Check for the number of demographics from where you’re getting more results from. If you have added 18 to 50 age of demographics and you see most of the leads coming from the age between 18 to 35 to your product, Cancel the age group after 35 so that it is not served for the wrong age group.

Have a constant look at from which Ad Sets you are getting the low cost per lead. When you change a certain number of the above-mentioned metrics, your Ad campaign can yield better results. Never stop your campaign in the learning period. Even if you’re getting zero leads it’s better to take the risk of spending the amount on the campaign. The take here is the more time you spend on the campaign the better the results. It is like growing a tree. You need to keep adding the water for the plant to transform into a tree.

The ultimate Facebook Ads campaign strategy is to keep a small daily budget for your campaign and keep running it for a long duration. Remember, The better the nurturing to the plant, The better Fruits on the tree. Most of the Campaign manager’s dreams are to reduce the cost per lead and at the same time get a bigger impression on your Ad copies. This can happen if you are a Smart performance marketer and if you have a good take on analytics.

Analytics help you in understanding the consumer mindset and how people are responding to your Ads. Facebook pixel helps you Re-target people who have shown interest in your product. Pixel code can be deployed on your website to track people who visit.

How To Download Leads From Facebook Campaign?

There are two types to generate Leads from Facebook Ads. One is through Instant Form & Another way is to have your own landing page. If you are planning to generate leads through your own landing page make sure you have deployed the pixel on your landing page. The Facebook pixel will help you in Re-Targeting people who have visited the landing page but haven’t filled in their details.

The instant form on Facebook ads will help you get the leads directly from the Facebook ad level. To know more about how to download the leads from Facebook ads and add them to your sheets CLICK HERE. To read more on how to build Strategic Ad sets for Campaigns CLICK HERE.

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