Facebook Ads Campaigns is one of the most used Digital Marketing platforms in 2021. Facebook has around 7 Million Advertisers currently and the number just keeps going up. There is a huge competition in advertising and you may ask how can I be the one who stands out?. Before we get into the building and understand the strategy of creating good converting Facebook ads campaigns, Let’s first understand the Workflow of the Facebook Ads platform.

How Dose Facebook Ads Work?

Machine Learning is at the heart of Facebook ads. This is the reason they say the longer you run your Facebook ad campaigns the better the results. Any advertising platform is mainly dependent on data. These data are the Targeted Audience or the interests/Demographics of the users. Facebook ads are all about targeting the right people. Even if you have a very good eye-catching Ad Copy and if it is shown to the wrong Audience there is no conversion or Engagement. Facebook ads have one of the most detailed targeting capabilities than any other ad network. This is because Facebook has the most data of its users. Most of the campaign results mainly depend upon machine learning where the Algorithm understands your Targeted Audience with time to give better results.

According to the Industry standards, Facebook ads Take a Minimum of 14 Days to understand your Campaign to give the best results. This is known as the Trial period of the campaign. Since the majority of the Facebook Campaigns are data-driven. Machine learning takes time to understand your Targeted audience in the campaign and who is interacting with your Ad Copies.

With the help of Facebook pixel, you can build your own custom Audience. Facebook Pixel is a piece of Javascript code that can be deployed into your Website. You can create your own Facebook pixel from the Events Manager section in your Facebook ads dashboard. The custom audiences are the people who have visited your website or the people who have shown interest in your product. Making a separate section of this audience will help you build Audience Networks that help you in Re-Targeting.

Re-Targeting is one of the most leveraged Facebook ads strategies. You can Re-target your ads to people who have shown interest in your post or visited your website and people who have added the product to the cart. You can even segregate your custom audience based on the days or months of your visitors.

How To Start With Facebook Ads Campaign?

Digital Marketing always starts by understanding your client’s product/service in the first place. I have seen a lot of people give importance to marketing more than the product. That is the biggest mistake. Always have the product as the first priority. With Facebook ads you can bring the right target audience to the landing page or to your client’s website but, Converting is not in your hands. Conversion will mainly depend on the product/service. The best Facebook campaign starts with understanding your product/service in the first place.

Your Ad copy will be the biggest asset to bring the audience to your destination. With the right Ad copy comes the right targeted audience. Even if you have a good ad copy and if it’s shown to the wrong audience your money will be in vain. There will be no ROI. Always have a link between your Ad copy and your targeted audience. In other words, the Ad copy should have a personal touch to your target audience from your product. Most of the campaigns don’t really focus on this. Just having a call to action will not bring many conversions as expected from your campaigns. CLICK HERE to read more on Facebook Audience and Pixel importance.

How To Build The Ad Copy’s That Convert ?

Always start with the pain points in your Ad Copies. Your Ad copy end goal should be problem-solving. When you start with the Pain points of your targeted audience it will automatically help them to relate their personal life situation with your Ad. This is how you bring in the first attraction of your targeted audience to your Ad copies. Starting on what pain points can you add will again depend on the Product/Service your selling. So make sure you are very well versed with the product and you need to put yourself in the client’s shoes and understand what can be the pain points of the consumer for your product.

Highly recommend Facebook Courosel Ad for most of your Facebook Ads Campaigns. Facebook Courosel add can bring the storytelling for your ad copy’s which will bring high engagement for your Facebook ads. With carousel ads, you can add upto5 ad copies & you can even have a call to action in each of the Ad copies. Start with the customer pain point at the beginning of the Ad copy and tell them how will your product/service solve their problem by the end of the carousel ad.

This is the customer journey that you are building with your Facebook ads campaign. Storytelling is the key here with the problem-solving approach. This strategy can be the most beneficial for all your ad campaigns. Having the right call to action in your Ad copy also matters. You can Add “Learn More”-“Sign up” can be a good call to action approach if you are running lead gen campaigns.

Your Landing page loading speed is equally important. Invest in good hosting to come up with some good speed Landing pages. Most of the users tend to quit from the Ad cycle if the loading time is very slow be it any platform. I myself am not patient enough if the shopping cart pages take time to load. Every platform user experience matters to have a good conversion rate.

Building a Custom audience is another great strategy to get a good conversion Facebook campaign. Here Re-targeting is the key when you have a Custom Audience. You’re showing your ads to people who are already interested in your product and they are in the last stage of the funnel. If you get the sales right they will definitely convert. Building the custom audience through a Facebook pixel is one of the most underrated Facebook ads campaigns strategy’s and I would recommend you to definitely try it for your Agency.

Best Practice For Facebook Ads Campaign Performance

Once the Campaign has passed the learning period, You can expect to see some quality outcomes from your campaigns. The learning period takes time to understand your campaign target audience and your Detailed targeted audience. It is important that you not pause or stop the campaign during the learning period. You may not get the results as you expected but this period is only for the Facebook algorithm to understand your Campaign outcome.

Keep monitoring the campaign on a daily basis. The best practice is to have a Data Tracker for each of your campaigns. You can make use of google sheets or excel to update the tracker. Include the number of Impressions, Click and calculate the CPL OR CPD or based on what your goal is. These data will help you in making decisions for your future campaigns. You can even make use of the Facebook ads dashboard to evaluate your campaign performance.

Below your Campaign name, there is an option called View Chart in the Facebook ads manager dashboard. Facebook will show all the metrics related to that particular campaign including the performance on which platforms you had more clicks and which ad sets gave you the most results. With these present data, you can alter your future campaign. This field is mainly called performance marketing.

Performance Marketing is a platform where the advertisers pay only for a specific action. Most of the campaign managers come under this category. The advertiser can be charged for every one thousand impressions from his Ad or he can also be charged for each click a user makes on the Ad. This will depend on the bidding strategy of the Advertiser. CLICK HERE to read about how overall Facebook Advertising Eco-System Works.

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