When people go to Facebook, Instagram, TickTok & Snapchat other social media most of the time is just for some fun or for a break from your working schedule. But when people go to Google they wont waste time. They come with a question, Doubt or to re-search. Ultimately they are looking for an answer from google. Let me make it more simple for you, When people come on google they will be in a mindset of I want to know, I want to go, I want to do & I want to buy. From this you can make out that They are willing to take an action. Though facebook ads have a detailed targeting segment, in Google people are already searching for your product. People search for something when they want it & from this we can make out that the quality of the google ads is high compared to any other platform.

The only reason people search for something in the search engine is that they know what they are looking for exist. It can be a product/service or anything. The search volume per day remains consistent over time.

Google gets 3.5 billion search queries per day, Thats’s a lot. The huge plus point in Google ads is you are meeting your customer halfway, they are looking for you & you are looking for them. With this plus point the conversion is higher in google ads because of the quality audience. The campaign intent is clear & the interest and the demographics dosent matter here. What i mean here is that in google ads we target people based on the keyword. Keywords are the search queries of what people are searching for in the search engine & hence you target your campaign audience through keywords. Google search ads can also give ideas for keywords to use fo SEO & Content. Click Here to read more about the power of SEO.

Understanding Conversion In Google Ads

Creating the right conversion pixel are very important to create a highly effective google ads campaign that brigs results for a long time. You need to create tracking codes for each stage of your funnel. Tracking code are nothing but the Google tags which is just like facebook Pixel. You need to create Audience from your conversion tracking codes. Just like we create Custom & Look a Like Audience from facebook ads. The power of retargeting is one of the biggest plus point when it comes to Digital ads. With the tag manager & you can set conversions for visitors, lead & sales. Re-targeting van be done for people who have visited your website, Landing page or App.

Creating Custom Audience – You can create audience from different stage of the funnel from the tracking codes, Use different audience for different stage of the funnel. For the people who have visited but not opted in, you can run ads to get them to visit the landing page. For people who have opted in in in the sales page but did not purchase the product you can run ADS at time to visit the Sales page again. the same custom conversion & audience can be used for all types campaign. Knowing Google ads-will help in SEO and content marketing. If you have implemented proper SEO & Content it will help google ads to deliver better results.

Keywords For Your Search Ads

Without keywords you cannot create any search Ad. In a decent campaign practice. Keywords in google ads are broadly categorized into Broad match, Exact match, Phrase match. With my personal experience you can start with Broad match keywords. For example Learn free Digital Marketing is a Broad match. Digital marketing is an Exact Match Keyword. Suppose if you want to rank for the Keyword Digital Marketing & If the search engine gets searches such as Internet marketing, Google’s machine learning and Algorithm will understand the match between these two and still show your keyword fo this search queries. ( This is for broad match). You can make Keywords from Google Keyword planner, Semrush, Google Auto Suggest and many more. You can even make an educated guess about your targeted audience through many Available platforms. You need to run ads for some days to understand the search terms. The more the Ad Campaign runs the better the result & the better you can understand the search terms. Expand your campaign to display networks to understand more about your campaign performance. Create more Ad groups & Landing pages for different themes which is basically the optimization.

Video Ads In Google Ads

Am pretty sure you know video ads are the new trends in the digital field today. I have personally experienced this while running video ads for clients. Video has high potential conversion rate when compared to image or display ads. This can be applied both in Google ads and Facebook ads. Before you run a video ad campaign with google ads you need to have a video up and running in Youtube. You can make use of sales video on your landing pages to use it in your video Ad.

Video Ads can be Youtube search Ads, In stream Skippable ads or Bumper ads. These are the main 3 types of video ads. It is very important to have a call to action button in your ads. The call to action button can lead to your landing page or blog where you have a form to collect the details of the leads. Build audience using Pixel, You ca also tap into custom Affinity Audience to get traffic like that of your competitors. Video ads can be advertised for brand Awareness but also very important to tracks the conversion. End of the Conversion is what Matters. Youtube Campaign will work well in partnership with search campaign & Display Campaign.

Google Ads Trends in 2021

When we are in the game of Digital Media Marketing change is not that surprising. If there’s one section today’s in the campaign dashboard it may be changed by tomorrow. There are Ton’s of new trends and updates for google ads today and i have listed some of them below.

LEAD FORM EXTENSIONS – This will help the Advertiser to collect leads from the campaign very effortlessly. This can be done by simply positioning the lead form in the extension at the bottom of the Ad. The leads can be downloaded manually or integrated to your CRM.

Google Algorithm Needs More Data To Perform Well – We are all familiar that the future of digital marketing will be purely Data driven. According to the leaks to succeed with the new changes, you should add even more data, such as offline conversions or even micro-conversions.

Apple iOS 14 Policy Update. – Apple introduced the App tracking Transparency policy update which is already effective across all the Apple devices. What this update focuses on is stopping advertisers from collecting data through apps and sharing the information with other companies to track actions across apps and websites instead, they must use the App Tracking Transparency framework which is to allow the user to authorize or not the app-tracking for ad-targeting purposes. As expected, the PPC industry isn’t happy about this change. We still dont know how are advertisers adapting to this new changes and whats more to come with this update from the ads creators.

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Optimization Of Google Ads

Track Your Campaign on a daily basis. It will be more helpful if you have a campaign data tracker. You can make use of Google sheets or excel for the campaign data tracking and this will help you to make decisions for further ad optimization. Do not make decision with small amount of data. You have to let the campaign run for a long period. The campaign decision should be made only after the campaign has passed the learning audience. Have one phrase match & one exact match in each Ad group. Collect leads in every campaign, Have a call to action button in ads where they land on your landing page and fill the form. Optimize your landing page & CRM tools very frequently. Above all the updates and the trends for 2021, Google announced that they are aiming to get more relevant audience for the advertisers no matter what type of keywords or other factors are used which will be interlinked with simplified match.

Above all give time in understanding in your targeted audience. If you get your audience right most of your campaign will have good results.

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