Apple WWDC World wide developer conference is right around the corner. The 2021 Keynote is set to take place on June 7th at Apple park. WWDC event in mainly focused on the new release of the latest Operating system for apples Software lineup. This includes IOS 15, Ipad OS, Mac OS, Watch OS & Tv OS. Apple CEO Tim cook & Craig will announce the future efforts of the company in the Software devision. Just like the last year, Even this year WWDC Will be Live streamed. Anybody can watch the event live from Apple website or apple youtube channel or on the Apple TV.

What will be Announced Apple WWDC 2021?

According to the Rumours Apple has been very secretive about this years wwdc compared to the last years. Usually around this time every year many leaks surface around Social media. But with uniformity followed by Apple every year, Here are some of y guess regarding the event.

The latest Operating system of all the Apple hardware will be released on the event day. These operating platform will be available in the BETA version for most of the Developers to test out. The public Beta of the operating system will be released after one month since the release of the Actual Beta. Since it is not an in person event, The developers cannot test the new IOS right away.

According to the Minutes leaks Both IOS & ipad OS owners will be able to set Personalized Notification preferences based on their status in the latest release of the operating system. For example if your Awake you may set the notification preference with Sound. If your sleeping you might want to disable the sound. There are many preferences available such as Driving, Meeting or sleeping or you can make your own custom preference.There are rumours which says that you can even set Automated replies but, There isn’t much information on that yet. A new lock screen & updated iPad home screen which will include Widgets is set come with the new update. Apple is revamping the iMessage app in competition with the competitor Whatsapp.

Apple WWDC 2021 
New IOS15

What Apple Devices will the IOS 15 Support?

The iphone 6s, 6s plus & the original iPhone SE will not support the new IOS Update. The following Devices will support the new Operating system.

iPhone 7, 7Plus

iPhone 8, 8Plus

iPhone X, XS & XR & XS Max

iPhone 11, 11Pro & 11Pro Max

iPhone 12, 12Pro & 12Pro max

Apple is also rumored to make some colour tweaks to the iphone and other devices when in Dark Mode.

Apple Watch Now Has Assistive Touch

Yes, You read that right. According to the Mac rumours the Apple watch now has assitive touch which means the watch can be operated without the help of the touching the display. The optical Heart rate sensor and on device machine learning will let Apple watch detect Subtle difference in the muscle movement & tendon activity that will control a cursor on the screen through hand gestures like a pinch or clench.

Latest Apple watch OS

The latest Mac OS can be named after another landmark in the California, Other than that there is no other leaks regarding the MAC.

There are some news floating around Socialmedia which say that the Apple TV OS will be Re named to Home OS. Both the Apple TV and the HomePod can be accessed together with the latest release of the Home OS. Again, These are just the news which are circulating and here is no confirmation.

With the event mainly focused on the Software, There wont be any Hardware release though there are lot of rumors which says that Apple is working on New Mac Pro models but the chances are highly very unlikely that they will be launched in the coming event. There are chances where we can hear more about the latest upgrades o the Apple’s M1 Chips or may be M2. It’s been said Apple is working on 10 cores Apple silicon which may release as early as this year.

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